Thursday 10 May 2018

Whoops! I did it again.

Not true, I had a post all ready to write and post and was just too tired.
The weather was fine and dry yesterday morning but there was a band of rain forecast for later.
'nuff said, it was dogs walked and out into the garden. Much tidying up and sorting of pots and planters happened.
A whole community of spiders was evicted along with a few wood lice and the general detritus that gathers in gardeners storage.
I went through the seeds, washed and dried the pot labels and even wrote some out.
By then it was almost 2:00 and I had a sock fitting to do. Of course that included a cuppa and quite a bit of chatting. When I got home it was time to walk the dogs and then get dinner on the go.

I did change out of gardening clothes into a me made skirt and top.

Dinner was a slimming world kebab with loads of salad and a jacket sweet potato, absolutely delicious. I did a little knitting but was nodding off so I went to bed at 9:00 and slept through till 7:00.

This is the kebab raw, I simply forgot to take a pic when cooked but it was very close to a "real" kebab. Not the donner variety.
I spotted a boneless leg of Pork joint reduced to £2 in the local shop on Tuesday morning. 
 I only went in to get stamps, but was not about to miss out.
There was very little fat and skin on it, that was roasted till the fat had melted away and broken into little bits,. treats for the dogs. The meat was then sliced and put into the marinade, I pushed skewers through a potato and then fed the meat onto them, 90 minutes in the oven and it was ready. Oh Yum. 

BTW I never made it to knit and natter, I was searching the house for some paperwork, by the time that I found it, in the first folder that I had looked at, it was gone 3:00 and far too late.

I have been in the garden this morning and set lots of seeds. I will be going back once I have had a cuppa and a sandwich.
I am enjoying the slimming world recipes and have the 50 free green recipe book now so will be working and eating my way through that.
I got on the scales this morning and over a Kilo has gone, early days I know, but no hunger pangs. In fact quite the opposite, I could not eat the sheer volume of food that some do.
I have watched a few you tube videos and was amazed at how much some eat, and why on earth they make sure to have all their "syns" everyday is beyond me.
I know that we are all different but surely it is better not to eat the syns if you don't need them. However if I was presented with a tasty piece of cheese I would have to reconsider that. Cheese is my weakness, much as I like chocolate and cake I would give them up forever without a qualm. I find it hard to envisage a life devoid of cheese though.
That is the main reason that I am not vegan, meat, eggs, fish and dairy are all fine but I could happily never eat them again. Cheese though is something else, I love it and it would have to be a health issue for me to give it up.

I am being a "posh gardener" today, this dress is so comfy to wear and I love the fabric but the pattern was wrong for it. It just hangs rather than being a bit floaty.

I received a big squishy parcel today, from Wool Warehouse.
There is an extra label upon it that says "Do NOT open until May 25". No indication of who ordered it, I am almost squirming with anticipation.

Herbie has just launched himself at me ready for a game so I will see you soon.

             TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Hubby does not eat cheese, so we don't add it to our dishes, but I love cheese, so like you I could never give it up.

  2. I'm not a fan of ordinary jacket potatoes unless they are scooped out and have other things added but baked sweet potatoes are just delicious aren't they.
    Loving your skirt and dress.

  3. A lovely parcel...oh NO! you have 15 days to go before you can open it! I would be drooling :) And what a pretty 'posh gardener' dress.

  4. I love big baked potatoes with sour cream and butter. When the kids were in school, and I was working, I'd come home and throw 4 potatoes into the microwave to precook them, roll them in oil, wrap in foil, and then bake them. I'd have broccoli with cheese sauce or chili and cheese to put on them and dinner was ready.
    Put the parcel next to the calendar and mark off the days like an Advent calendar.

  5. How will you resist opening the parcel... I hope you have hidden it well to prevent squishing and prodding on a daily basis.
    I'm a cheese fan too.

  6. Squishy mail...having to wait will be torture.

    God bless.

  7. Not sure that I would be able to stop myself opening the parcel, you are to be admired for your strength of character.

  8. Congratulations on your weight loss, gradual loss usually stays off. :) I love the pattern you’re using for your dresses, do you mind saying which pattern it is please? I don’t like clingy clothes I’m not a small person, not fat but not small and am not comfortable with fitted clothing. Lovely to hear and see your new little man is coming along and settling so well, he is rather gorgeous. Nice to hear he and Ben hit it off. X


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