Saturday 26 May 2018

Rain? What rain?

We had a smear of drizzle that lasted about 5 minutes, the rest has been sunshine all the way.

The SO is busy working today so Fran and I have made the most of it. A gentle shopping trip to Tesco, Lidl and Home Bargains went smoothly, no SO to slow us down while perusing things that we never buy... It must be a Man Thing as my Dad was just the same and so are both of my brothers.

We picked up some bits and pieces for the Grands, it is Junior's birthday on Tuesday but we are all meeting in Carmarthen on Monday. A table has been booked and a Birthday Tea ordered, there will be gifts for the "Man of The Moment" plus a little something for the others to  keep them in their seats.

Remember that squishy parcel that arrived for me,

looky looky at what was in it.

This will make a little cropped top that will go with anything.

These are new to me colours and will make socks, long or short or maybe a shawl, whatever I fancy.

2 pairs of socks from the green and orange, both colours that I have knitted before and loved.
The set of 3 will almost certainly become a shawl I have a few single skein patterns that I would like to knit a bit larger.

The SO did well.
He may get a share of the other goodies.

Chocolate Nirvana from Beckenham, clockwise from top left they are dark chocolate flavoured with toasted coconut and pink himalyan salt, salted caramel, Artisan Roast Espresso and finally Elderflower with sharp lemon pieces. These will last me for ages, I may have to hide the espresso bar.

Ooh er, I have a tablet, with a pink case, all set up and ready to rock and roll.

Last, for today, there is a wicker hamper with coffee and a traditional percolator. There was a box of Brownies and a jar of Brownie Butter in there as well.
They are in the fridge.
Well what is left of them. 
There are 3 of us. 
And W.
It's good to share.

Even better to hide the rest in a box labelled cheese.

There is another gift that should arrive on Tuesday. It really should have arrived yesterday but the courier firm could not read the Welsh post code.
 They sent it to Sheffield.

That is not important in the grand scheme of things.
I have Francesca till Wednesday and we will all be gathered together on Monday.

We are having curry for dinner, a takeaway from the next village, Fran's treat. We have never used it but some of my friends have and rate it highly. 
No "pretend Lamb" in that establishment.

I have finished making 168 x 6 1/2" finished blocks for a commission. So another "secret squirrel" project. I can tell you that it is a Jenny Doan pattern, Tumbling Charms. I have made it before as a gift for James and it is a very bright and light quilt. It is all cut from yardage and that took almost as long as making the blocks did.

I really should get my washing in, it has been blowing in the sunshine for quite long enough and I want it ironed and put away asap.

I hope that you are all having a good weekend, I hope to be in the garden for a while tomorrow. Roast pork for dinner with all the usual things so no real work entailed.
No pudding to make, we have Brownies in the fridge. 

                        TTFN                                       Pam

PS. I will get a photo of the "Maypole" Fran is wrapping gifts for Junior and it sounds a bit stressy through the door.

PPS. It has just dawned upon me that this is my second post today.
It was a very early start to my day. I did go back to bed for a couple of hours sleep.
I am a year older.
That's it, I am all out of excuses.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday for yesterday Pam. Enjoy your family weekend xx

    1. Thank you, I will certainly do my best.

  2. Happy belated birthday as well! Enjoy your weekend (it's a bank holiday yes?) and your year!!!

  3. Happy birthday. You had some splendiferous pressies. You have some lovely wools to work with there (I know it doesn't take you long!) I am crocheting at the moment (winter hat for me). Enjoy that curry.

  4. Best belated Birthday wishes, Pam from Nanny Anny in Canada. 🌺🍰🌺

  5. Oh my, you received lovely squishiness in the mail. I love all the colours.

    Happy belated birthday.

    God bless.

  6. Those wool colours are fabulous, quite mouth watering. Your knitted socks look lovely but I can't imagine wearing them, they must be quite thick compared to the socks I buy, and would need a bigger shoe size. Must be nice and warm though.

  7. Happy belated birthday Pam and best wishes for the remaining happy celebrations! Enjoy!

  8. Happy Birthday Pam! Looks like you got some lovely presents and was suitably spoilt. I would give my eye teeth for some of your delicious looking chocolate. I'm in my 4th week of shingles and it is not advisable to each chocolate!! I'm having withdrawal symptoms, on top of everything else!!lol

  9. Salivating over the sock wool .... gorgeous.


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