Sunday 27 May 2018

Time for a quickie.

What a difference a couple of hours can make. 
It was sunny when I got up, it was still sunny 2 hours later when I walked Ben and Herbie.
Right now, 2 hours after that it is raining quite steadily, too much to walk Rufus and Herbie.
I did have washing pegged out, that is now languishing in the basket while I decide whether to wait and see or throw it it into the dryer. 
Breakfast has been cooked, eaten and cleared away.
The new coffee maker has been put through it's paces and gets a thumbs up. 👍
The Welsh Coffee?....what can I say? 👍👍👍
I have been on to the website and made my selection.
The Dragon Roast will be appearing in my kitchen soon....very soon.

The weather should clear later so nothing will be planned. I was thinking of a trip to Wyevale in Llansamlet but there is a music festival in Swansea so had to draw a line through it. Sitting in traffic queues gives me the heebiejeebies.

I think that a lazy day is on the cards, I have downloaded some free books onto the tablet. One is a knitting book but I have 3 projects on the needles already.
I may use the time to lay out the quilt blocks and get them stacked into columns ready to start assembling.

The carpet needs a vacuum, Ben and Herbie decided to have a rolling game last night, and Herbie really has got the Pug double coat.
Most of it seems to be on the carpet.

That's all I can think of now, that's because I posted twice yesterday.

The SO had a long day at work, he didn't get back till gone 6, but he got plenty done so that he will not have to work until Wednesday.
The only question left is, can I cope with another coffee or will it be caffeine overload?

                        TTFN                                                Pam


  1. No rain or thunderstorms here on the Essex coast, rain due this evening if it materialises. The garden could do with another soaking for sure.

    1. My garden had a good soaking yesterday and seems to be glowing with joy.

  2. Hoping for some rain here. It's so muggy it's making me feel sick.
    Love all your new yarns....especially those bright colours.

    1. It has been humid and sticky here, yesterday's rain helped but I think it is going to be a hotty again today.

  3. Naughty title but it made me smile.

  4. We had rain yesterday, but today is quite glorious, good to have a lazy day sometimes xx

    1. I am not quite sure what makes a lazy day, I have good intentions but we all know where they end up.

  5. We got almost half an inch of rain overnight, but once again the day turned hot and muggy.

    It is a must to have a lazy day once in awhile.

    God bless.

    1. I do try to be lazy but can not sit still with empty hands, it makes me ache.

  6. We had a lovely week in Scotland. Glorious weather but came home to tipping down rain. At least it saved us from having to water the garden. We are staying home today... Don't want to fight the 'Whitby Traffic' Every man and his dog heads for Whitby on a sunny day or bank holiday.

    1. I have been to Scotland a few times and my memories are of rain and midges. I am glad that you had a lovely time. I never go near the coast on bank holidays, I can not stand crowded places. I do like Whitby though.


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