Friday 11 May 2018

Another day done.

It has been a busy one. The day dawned fine but a bit chilly so as soon as the dogs were walked it was into the garden.

Gardening clothes were the order of the day, jogging bottoms (albeit nice velvety ones) with a baggy jumper. One of the first things that I knitted with yarn from Deb,s Wool Shop.

I worked till lunch time and then showered and changed ready to do a "friend crawl", much nicer than a pub crawl any day of the week.

I felt that these were more suitable to wear for a stroll round the village.

Just as I walked out of the house the heavens opened so I nipped back and hauled the washing in off the whirlygig, luckily I was in time to get it practically dry. Of course, by the time I had flung it in the house and grabbed a coat, the rain had stopped. Mind you I did get soaked on the way home. 
I had a quick visit with a friend who is not very well and it is getting her down, I also had a lovely chat with a neighbour, about nothing in particular, and 30 minutes sped by.
I spent a lovely hour or so with a fellow blogger and her young daughter, I was given a stack of animals, a colouring book and a crayon.
 I was straight back to playing with my siblings, my son and grandchildren. All young people are different and all are the same.
 I know that it wrong to generalise but every child that I have met has been an individual and at the same time almost clones of each other.
I am in Llandeilo tomorrow and looking forward to it, I will be wearing fabric blinkers though. I must not even think about buying any more, I am sure that there are Elves who sneak in every few days and leave more hidden in the stash.

I have made a start on a sampler quilt of sorts, I will be repeating some blocks to make a large quilt. This is part of a sew along for a 12 block lap quilt, I will be making 35 x 12" finished blocks. This is mainly because on my last tidying session I found a pack of fat quarters that were hiding under my vintage linen. They have been there since we moved to Wales, forgotten and sad. It is their time to shine.

Now I think that it is time for a last cuppa and bed.

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you may be.

                           TTFN                                          Pam


  1. That's a pretty skirt Pam. Is it one you made? Have a lovely weekend. x

    1. Thank you Cherie, I made that last year and I managed to squeeze a shift dress from the same fabric.

  2. We had a dry day yesterday, I spent a couple wonderful hours in my greenhouse. It's cool and dull at the mo, but we have not had the overnight rain which was promised.

    1. Yesterday was fine and sunny but today it is glorious. I have just returned from walking Rufus and Herbie, a quick cuppa and then it is out in the garden for me.


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