Thursday, 17 May 2018

Walking in Sunshine.

Another glorious morning today, I will mostly be in the garden.
I have more pots and planters that need some TLC and they will be my focal point.

All my seeds have sprouted so I will soon be setting more, I like to leave a while between sowing to give me a steady supply. Things like coriander, baby spinach and chard that I use almost daily.

I have started my day in trousers for pot washing and other grubby jobs, once they are out of the way I will be wearing these.

The skirt is from the Tilly and the Buttons book, the Delphine. I have made a few of these, I just added side seam pockets.

This is the cushion cover that I finished off for Francesca, I will get it into the post a bit later today.

The long scrappy socks are almost ready for the heel, I will be taking them to be tried on this afternoon.

Dinner will be Iffits, possibly something with salad. Last night we had cauliflower steaks marinaded in a spicy sauce, I had some cherry tomatoes to use, so stirred them into some finely sliced red onion and added some garlic cloves. Some salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and 10 minutes in the oven and they were lush. As the oven was on for the Steaks I put a large sweet potato in and we had half each.

Now I better get my self into gear, it will soon be time to scoop Rufus up for his walk and then it will be into the garden.

                        TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Love your meal from last night-yum.

  2. Love the cushion cover, the fabrics are a delight.


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