Saturday, 26 May 2018

Another day dawns.

Remembering my Dad on this early morning.( That sounds so silly to me as he was definitely not a morning person.)
He was known as "The Night Hawk" by his friends, given the chance he would not go to bed till the small hours and would stay there till late morning.

He was accident prone and clumsy with it, not a good combination.
I remember watching a football match on the TV with him and in his excitement he leapt from his chair to "score the winning goal".
Unfortunately he kicked the safety fire guard. He was only wearing socks and his big toe became wedged in the mesh. I was of no help as I collapsed in hysterics.
At my wedding reception he was idly running his hand over the elaborate wood carving on the refectory table and got 2 fingers stuck. It took a slick of Olive Oil to free him.

I could write a book if I was so inclined.

It is very early, not light yet, but the birds are singing their hearts out and the door is open to let cool fresh air through the house.
Francesca arrived safe, if late, after a typical rubbish train journey.
We had a late dinner before I opened presents. As per usual I have not taken photos yet, I will.

Herbie took one look at Fran and pounced upon her, she almost vanished from sight as he and Ben jostled to get the closest.

Today we will be catching up and looking through patterns, I need to measure the Carbeth on her. I stopped knitting the body and made a start on the sleeves after humming and haahing over how long it needed to be. Once the decision is made it will be a quick finish.

We always put a theme into her room on her visits and this one had me flummoxed for a while. Christmas is easy, Easter too but May?
Then it hit me, A Maypole. Not a real one of course, I will take a photo and show you tomorrow.

Ben has come to join me on the sofa, he has cwtched up close and has gone back to sleep. Herbie is on guard outside Fran's door and is not inclined to move.

I think that it time for a cuppa (I've only had one so far) and then I might get a batch of Bara Brith dough made. We all love it and so does W, I always make the yeast version as it is wonderful toasted. It also makes the best grilled cheese sandwich in the world.

                    TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Your dad sounds lovely! Someone who could laugh at himself!
    J x

    1. He did, he was lovely. he often regaled us with tales of "woe".

  2. Remembering my lovely Dad today as well. It would have been his 112th birthday - he was born in 1906 and lived to be 91 and a half. Marvellous Dad.

    1. While we remember them they are always here.

  3. Lovely to have Francesca with you for the weekend and sounds as if it’s going to be a foodie one. I have also made Barabrith into bread and butter pudding which was delicious. Happy weekend.

    1. That is going into the recipe book, I have never thought about bread and Butter pudding. The weekend is going great.

  4. Your Dad sounds just like my husband - accident prone and clumsy that is, not a night hawk. I had no idea bara brith could be used to make a grilled cheese sandwich! Is it a Welsh thing?

    1. Not Welsh, just me. We both like grilled cheese sandwich and one day I only had Bara Brith in the bread bin so used it. Lush but not really a healthy snack.


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