Monday 14 May 2018

Another fine day on the cards.

I spent most of yesterday in the garden, sowing seeds, emptying planters and potting on several plants. The grass was cut and all happened in brilliant sunshine without the bite of a chilly wind.

I have to 'fess up that the only item of me made apparel was a pair of socks, but they were my crazy stripey pair.

I never did find the photo from Saturday so I put my clothes onto the dummy.

The colours are washed out here, the skirt is a pink and green floral print that I made last year, the cardigan is at least 16 years old.

I have to drop the car off a bit later and then it will be dog walking. When I get back I will have a shower and put these on, with a tee shirt. Unless of course the weather forecast is wrong and it hammers down. Then it will be sofa surfing in a pair of cotton trousers, made goodness knows how long ago and a jumper.

I have started on my mission to keep in touch more and have sent a few emails out and a few messages. My sister will be online soon and we will have a chat, it is a few weeks since I did that and it is shameful.

Did any of you watch the Eurovision Song travesty, I think that it is past it's sell by, best before and use by date. Having said that there are hundreds of thousands who love it, horses for courses and all that.

I have seen the odd, very odd, snippet of the winning song, mmm an experience I hope never to repeat.

I have also seen the trailer for the new film The Book Club, it reminded me of The First Wives Club and I will be watching for it on cinema.

Breakfast will be overnight oats that have been layered with Greek yogurt and frozen berries, I love it and may have to eat it early. 
I am feeling a touch peckish, thanks to the birds who sang to me till I threw in the towel and got up.
Come the Autumn though and it will be hot porridge all the way.

I have finished the top of a scrappy quilt, just lap size, it is a gift for someone who reads the blog so no photo. I gulped when I looked at my scrap bins yesterday, they are overflowing. Those naughty Elves who keep hiding yarn in the stash seem to have changed to scrap fabric. Tut Tut.

The washing machine is doing it's thing and it will be rinse and repeat as all the gardening clothes need to have a whirl this morning.

I have not given much thought to dinner tonight, possibly something on toast. I may get creative and marinade some cauliflower steaks, I will see how the day pans out.

I am off now as my sister logs on at 6:30 and it is almost that now.

                             TTFN                               Pam


  1. Love that poppy print outfit! Wear that and you wear sunshine.

    1. In the end it was so warm that I put that on to walk the dogs.Now i can hear my young self singing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.

  2. I was up extra early for me this morning, the sunshine was lovely to wake up to. Not much planned, I have Will for the day.

    1. Lots of love, hugs and giggles then. Sounds like a perfect day.

  3. Count me in as up early as well. Only by 39 minutes though. I am hoping to slog through my chore list early and be outside planting a bit this afternoon.

    Love your red and blue flowered outfit, too bad it got so very warm that you only got to wear it for a bit.

    God bless.

  4. It's so nice not to have that cold wind isn't it?
    The skirt and jacket is just gorgeous Pam.

  5. The weather has been gorgeous here but I was stuck indoors invigilating exams. Had a great walk in the park tonight. Love those bright coloured clothes. x

  6. Love the poppy outfit, looks very summery. I'm sure your blog reader will be thrilled with the lap quilt. Trying to comment more but not feeling the best at the moment. This is day 12 of me having Shingles-not fun by any stretch of the imagination!


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