Sunday 23 December 2018

All Done, Feet Up.

All is ready, the list has been checked off, Rufus is here for his holibob. Ben is snoring in his corner, Herbie is trying to get Rufus to play. Rufus is all played out and is next to me on the sofa.

The last few days have been a bit busy, finishing lots of things, moving some bits around and all the general faffing that has to be done.

We have watched a few movies, Flight of the Navigator, The Witches of Eastwick and one of the many versions of Peter Pan to name a few.

Nothing too challenging and nothing gory or psychotic, wrong time of year for all that.

My faithful 20ish  year old camera has finally bit the dust, I will not rush out to replace it till after the festivities. The SO can record memorable moments with his phone.

After a hit and miss year with the lap top I have a sneaky suspicion that it also will need replacing.

I hope that you are all set for the off and have no last minute panic attacks.

I saw that Lidl had their Christmas veg packs reduced to 19p, no shortage of sprouts in this house.

Our pudding will be a chocolate torte with extra thick cream and satsuma sauce, almost a deconstructed Jaffa cake. I try to make a version of it every year, this was inspired by a Jamie Oliver program that I caught  bit of. I will be using my own recipe for the torte as his was a bit too loaded with butter for my taste.

There is a gammon to be cooked, probably with a bottle of "fat" coke in the slow cooker. An old Nigella recipe that has lost nothing over the years, I add a couple of Cinnamon sticks, a few Allspice berries and a couple of Star Anise to the mix for an extra layer of flavour.

Now I am ready for some soup for lunch and then a little knitting, those sticky socks are part way through the Fleegle heel increases.
I will be laying them aside tomorrow evening for my Christmas Eve cast on.

I had a winding up session yesterday, all my sock scraps have been turned into 5 magic knot balls and 4 skeins have been converted to 50 gram balls. I am set for some relaxing vanilla sock knitting and some telly watching. I may well get a start on some gifts for next year.

Francesca is flying from Edinburgh and then driving here, I hope that her journey is straight forward.

I also hope that the people who caused all the hassle by flying a drone in designated airspace are caught, convicted and all their assets are seized to help to offset the costs. The costs that will inevitably be passed on to travellers.

We have a drone flyer in the village, he has a camera attached and watches on his lap top. One or two people have threatened to break up said drone and insert it somewhere tender.
Nuff said.
                            TTFN                                Pam


  1. Wishing you a very happy and fun filled Christmastime.
    All done here too, whats we haven't got we don't need!

  2. Wishing you a very happy Christmas.


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