Friday 28 December 2018

Back to normal

whatever that may be.
All went smoothly, nothing was burnt/under cooked/lumpy etc.
Nobody ate too much/remained hungry/sulked/lost their temper.

Pressies were fantastic and well received.
I have a fairly comprehensive Indian spice kit and The Spice Tree book. January will be the month of play. (I have already started)

We had cold meats last night with a side dish of hot sweet potatoes with tomato and spinach, it was amazing. Quite fiery so some S O made coleslaw was a welcome addition to the meal.

There will be some more happening today, I am looking forward to working my way through the spice pack, many of the contents are completely new to me.
I have put an order in to top up some of my original kit and added a couple of spices that caught my eye when skimming through the book.

I also received an Indian air tight spice box and that now contains my most used seeds. I used all my Nigella seeds last night so some of those will be on their way soon.
I may well buy myself another for the most used ground spices, it is so good to remove 1 lid and have an array of spices at your fingertips, rather than a collection of jars and pots cluttering the worktop.

It is stupid o'clock, again, and I am wide wake. I think hope that once the New Year has rolled around my sleep pattern will sort itself out.
I am beginning to feel a bit bleary eyed so may slide back into bed and see if I can drop off for a couple of hours.

                                 TTFN                          Pam


  1. It's a bugger isn't it when you can't sleep....I know only too well. Roll on the new year, hopefully it'll improve everything (tall order!). The spice box sounds great, really useful.

  2. The perfect gift of the spices, a lovely present that will enhance your cooking and playing in the kitchen over the coming year.
    Sorry to read you are still suffering the insomnia, DH and I have been a bit like that over the past few weeks .... cup of tea at 3am and a little read!

  3. It all sounds lovely. I'm glad everything worked out well.

  4. Those spice tins are great aren't they. I have two in my cupboard that I bought from my Indian friend. She brought a load back with her when she went to visit her family last year. I an hoping to fill one with sweet spices. The other is filled with the stuff I use most.

  5. Hi Pam :) I'm glad you had a great time! Oh lack of sleep...I'm going through that lately, I'm blaming the excess sugar from all the goodies I've made.


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