Saturday 8 December 2018

Stress versus calm.

Yesterday evening I was putting myself into a stressy state. All about my quilt wips, I was concerned that I had not got the exact fabric to bind L,s quilt and that there was one top waiting to be layered and 2 more (at least) waiting for the blocks to be joined and/or finished.

Then I paused, breathed, and focused my mind on Hygge, within seconds I felt my heart rate drop and my tense shoulders relax.

I have some fabric, cream with a tiny black polka dot, that I bought ages ago specifically for binding. I will use that.
The wips have no time schedule, they can wait till I feel ready to work on them again.

I can make the binding and get it applied today, tomorrow the quilt can be washed and tumbled and then packed and posted off  on Monday.

I still need to make a trip to Llandeilo but not today, I will plan to do it next week and we will take the dogs with us. They will like to have lots of new smells to linger over and new places to explore.

After my hiccup in the evening I slept like a bump on a log and woke ready to hit the ground running.

My first Advent sock is finished, all bar the afterthought heel.

It is a fairly short sock, my feet are never cold and long socks make me very hot.

I have worked some more on those "sticky" socks. They will need a soak in hair conditioner to soften them up a bit.

We had a yearning for some raisin and cinnamon bread, so a loaf went into the bread machine. It is sooo good, there are plenty of raisins in there, just not in the first slice. 
A sign of my love for the SO, he had the crust!

When my son was a toddler my young brothers used to spend most of their school holidays with us. Michael loved having his uncles there and it helped my Mum out. They all loved the crusts off a new loaf and I often baked bread and then cut all the crusts off. The middles would become toast or bread and butter pudding. Needless to say I very rarely got a crust in those days either.

After a very murky start to the day yesterday turned out dry, with blue skies but still very cold and windy. Today is damp but the wind has dropped considerably. Herbie has had a decent walk, he will still have his little walk with Rufus, but I wanted to get a good one in while the weather permitted.

I made a slow cooker batch of veg stock overnight and this morning it has become soup. I used a big pack of ready chopped veg from Tesco, rtc 25p, and some red lentils. It is cooled and in the fridge ready for lunch. The cottage pie was delicious last night and I made a pear crisp for pudding, it makes a change from crumble, with a good shake of mixed spice in the topping. 

Tonight is a mystery so far, it could be a case of open the freezer and have a lucky dip.

There is more controversy over Strictly, and some one is discussing it on the telly right now.
It is almost as bad as Brexit.

Now 'tis time for tea.

                             TTFN                                Pam


  1. My hubby always nicks the first crust off a new loaf.
    Love your socks, I made my 1st pair to the length on the pattern, which for me is too long, so now I shorten every pair I make (well all 3 pairs I have made for me)

    1. I have a few more than that but nowhere near as many as Francesca and the SO. I do plan on kitting more for myself next year though.

  2. I do love your socks, Pam. I felt very stressed this morning, but have calmed down now, having done a couple of rows on my Sweetpea blanket.

    1. Your socks are so pretty.i use to love a Nobby from a new loaf.

      Hazel c uk

    2. Stress creeps in from nowhere, I find a little crafting soon bucks me up.

  3. Your post has calmed me down considerably. I wasn't really stressed, more just anxiety ridden over how I was going to get everything done today. Now, I just know that I can do it.

    God bless.

    1. It is an easy trap to fall into, you just do what you can and roll the rest over. If there are any criticisms then I always offer the opportunity to "do it yourself then".

  4. I always thought crafting of any kind was supposed to be relaxing but it isn't always is it?
    I'm a bit anxious about some ufo's I have in a box under the sewing table but they won't get touched now until after Christmas.

    The candy cane socks are just beautiful. Love the sticky socks too.

    1. Anything that carries over to the new year will be first on my list. I do not intend to start any new project till the old ones are completed. The sticky socks are great colours but the yarn is a pain to knit. Once they are cast off I intend to skein up the yarn and wash it, give it a soak in hair conditioner and then cake it up.

  5. I am always in awe of your skill with knitting socks, they are beautiful. I always eat the crust as Gerard is not a fan and I don't like to waste them.

    1. I love sock knitting, there are so many glorious coloured yarns, some are self patterning that no 2 pairs are the same.

  6. Oh so wise, to "nip stress in the bud" as they say. It can become like a snow ball, if we don't take ourselves in hand, stop and breath as you said, and not let it grow.

    And it certainly is the Season for Stress. If we allow it. I have become very good at not letting the Holiday Stress Machine, trip me up.

    It's simply not worth it.

    Why ruin our Holiday, by trying to do too many things, for too many people?

    OK, I'll get off my soap box now. :-))))))


  7. Great socks, cooking bread is such a lovely smell


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