Wednesday 19 December 2018

Rain, sun and rain again

It has been a mixed bag today, on our first walk we got caught in a downpour.
On the second we sweltered in bright sunshine.
The third was postponed till the monsoon slowed down to merely pouring.
Ben doesn't care.
Rufus is blase.
Herbie is a big girls blouse.
Not about the rain.
It is all about the coat. 
He hates wearing it. 
He wriggles like a bag of snakes while I wrestle him into it. 
I end up in a hot sweaty mess.
He sulks.
Big time.

The quilt is done and off to its new home.

Here are a few of the fabrics that I used. Some of these are the last scraps of favourite fabrics and some came from my friend in those massive scrap bags.

Last night Herbie suddenly leapt off his bed and landed here.

He sat like this for what seemed like ages.

Then he had a closer look at whatever had caught his eye.

I have no idea what it was, there has been nothing new put on here since the decorations were put up.
He hasn't given it a second glance today. 

The sewing room has been tidied away, machine cleaned, new needle put in, new bobbins wound. All ready for a fresh project (or a different WIP) in the new year.

There are 2 pairs of socks on the go, those sticky ones and a pair for L.
The WIPs will remain in their respective bags till I feel the need to get them out.
There will be  Christmas Eve cast on, it was going to be socks, then a garment, now I am thinking of blankets. 
I do not need another blanket, I have not got the space to store one.
Perhaps I will find a new idea.
I could try a crochet garment, I have never tried one before. I failed on my make 9 for this year. Too many rabbit holes, all filled with socks. That list has gone with the wind. This year there will just be a list of completed items, much simpler.

I made a batch of mincemeat today using a selection of dried fruits, including some Mango, no added sugar but some ginger wine at the end. I used vegetable suet as many of my friends are not meat eaters.
2 jars will be delivered tomorrow, weather permitting.

Time to help with the washing up before some more knitting and a little telly.

                         TTFN                                   Pam


  1. Wow, Pam, i wish I could finish quilts as quickly as you do. I am determined to buy nothing new until I have completed/ rehomed all the WIPs. I am easily sidetracked but I enjoy new ideas. Mincemeat sounds delicious -you are so thoughtful as I can’t it unless it has veggie suet.

    1. I think that will be my resolution next year.

  2. I haven't heard of vegetarian suet! Will have to look for it. Suet itself is hard to find in the US - we have it for bird feeders and lard is available for cooking.

  3. How cute he is! Wonder what he was so interested in? Betty doesn't like her coat either, she hangs her head and mopes when it's put on, you'd think we were torturing her.

    The quilt is beautiful, I'm sure the recipient will be very happy.

    Thank you for your explanatory comment on my blog, you certainly had a terrible year.

  4. I need to use up so much yarn next year that I may crochet a patchwork blanket just to use it up. Have a smashing Christmas. xxx

  5. Beautiful quilt.
    I wonder what Herbie had spotted


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