Saturday 29 December 2018

What did you save?

Did you brave the sales, queue in the wee small hours, or just arrive at a normal time?
If you did I hope that you made a killing.
I thought about it for all of a nano second. Then I looked around and decided that there was nothing that I needed and even less that I wanted.

There are cards and wrapping paper from 2 years ago and decorations from the same time, all bought on December 27th, still in their packaging.

The SO went a bit doolally with the twinkly lights this year (I have some in the kitchen and they will stay up) so none of those needed.
We make a few new tree decs every year and sometimes buy one, I spotted a glittery letter F this year that hangs front and centre of the tree.

My bunting did not see the light of day  but I do have a baby of a plan for some crochet Robins for next year to jazz it up a bit.

Francesca has gone back to Kent, she has to be at work on the 2nd and travelling on the 1st is a big fat NO NO. All her knitted and crocheted gifts are with her and there is a small heap of things to be posted off next week. She could have taken them in normal times but ongoing works mean that she has to train, bus and then train again. A large case would just be hard work for her. and make a difficult journey worse.

As for me, well I am experimenting with my new spices, W was a guinea pig last night.

I am off to the kitchen now, there are veg that will be prepped and put into various spice and oil marinades and then frozen. peelings will be washed and cooked for stock. We will be mainly meat and fish free for January, I want to experiment with my store of pulses and grains.

                         TTFN                                         Pam

PS. Did I tell you that the SO bought me a set of Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles, for slippery yarns they are my favourite. Now I have a complete set rather than a random assortment.
There may be a delivery of yarn arriving soon as well.

He knows the way to my heart.



  1. Nope not going to the sales, why should we buy anything cheap, all the stuff in the sales are what's left over, no one else wanted them. I have vouchers for Wool Warehouse, so there may be a parcel arriving here soon.

  2. We bought a turkey yesterday reduced to a quarter of the price. But that's all - like you, there's nothing we need or want.

  3. I bought some discounted food item to send home with my son-he loves the summer sausage and nut and at half off, a deal. I also bought the same for home for future football watching. I have a daughter who graduates this year. For all her friends, I bought 1/2 price twinkle lights as they all like them in their college dorm rooms and it will be a little more personal gift than just money. I also scored birthday gifts for family. I think I did well, but got sucked into buying more decorations I do not need like a table runner.

  4. Just the thought of mingling with sale shoppers puts me off. I'm not into shopping of any kind any more, lol

  5. Pam, I was allowed to change my machine from the Janome Atelier 7 to the 9 which is a combined sewing and embroidery machine, I am afraid I have gone just a bit nuts since I got it. Yesterday I discovered a site called Kreative Kiwi, there was a design on there for dresden Christmas mats, now I have not put my Christmas fabric away......decided to start on 2019's presents whilst it is still out.........afraid I have spent quite a bit!! I found some great boxes made by a company in Ireland they hold 96 reels of thread on two shelved which slide out......I have bought two of them. They arrived this morning....I need your SO to put them together for me, just magic him over will you? Thanks....... all the best for 2019.

  6. No sales shopping here. We went for a walk round the local reservoir today, there was a little sunshine in the sky for a while.

  7. As with you I didn't bother, nothing I needed so would have not been a bargain ! I love knit pro's, how lucky to have a set !

  8. No sale shopping for me although I did get 20% off some clothes I bought yesterday.
    Have fun with your spices and pulses.

  9. We braved the sales as our daughter wanted to go, she lives and works on the Isle of Man so really appreciates the range of shops in England and she managed a couple of purchases. I was given some money to buy new boots as I was reluctant to spend more than necessary buying them before Christmas, I was lucky and found the perfect pair saving £20. Not a huge saving but a saving nine the less.

  10. I have just succumbed to some gorgeous sock yarn but that is my only splurge. I love my bamboo sock needles. I ordered them by mistake but they have turned out to be great. Half the size of a normal knitting needle

  11. Oh lucky you, I love my Knit Pro Symfonies, I add to them every time I am in a decent yarn shop. ...nearest one nearly 2 hours drive away!


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