Monday 3 December 2018

Ever decreasing circles

It's been a funny old day, we seem to have been running fast to stay still.

It all began with putting the tree up. The lights were in a tangle and the SO got a bit hot under the collar. 
Naughty words may have been said.
Then he found the real lights (the tangled ones were old and should have been binned a good while ago) all was fine and he plugged them in and all were working. We tried 2 sets on the tree and they just did not look good. The last set were longer and looked ideal, then while cutting the cable tie that held them so tidily the wire was cut by accident. CUE no lights.

Off we went to get more.

We came back with a pre lit tree!!

It is lovely.

Then we could not find the Angel.

We went nowhere.

We will have another look in the morning.

When we returned a parcel had been delivered from Disney UK. Ooh Goody.

Mmmmnot so goody. The medium ladies slippers that I ordered had been replaced with large mens.

I went to the website and sent a message off containing all the relevant information, order number, email, order details.
The "helper" on the other end checked my order and confirmed that I had ordered medium.

THEN he asked me to confirm my order number, email and the size that I had ordered.

I sent a snippy reply and we had a rally. It was better than  Wimbledon.

In the end he caved and I have sent the slippers back, emailed photos of the receipt as instructed and await a replacement pair.  
In the correct size.

This ate into valuable time and no crafting has happened here today. 

To add insult to injury we had some naughty chips while in town and they sat like a lead weight in my middle. The first chips from a chippy for months, and probably the last ever.

The tree is up and looking good, some of the decs are in place and hopefully the rest will be up tomorrow.

I had an afternoon sewing planned and, fingers crossed,will get to it tomorrow. 

Herbie was put out at not being the centre of attention so started biting his nails.

He is a clown.

I spotted an unexpected bloom in my garden.

The last rose of summer/early winter.
It is now in a bud vase on the dresser.

While the tree was being blinged up we had some suitable music on spotify.

I love this song by Jim as much as the Doris Day version. While we carry on tomorrow we may have a bit of Andy Williams.

I have to sew tomorrow at some point as there are several things that need finishing. I want all this to be finished by the weekend as the sewing room will be put on rest mode till the new year.

On that note I rather feel like going into rest mode myself.

                              TTFN                        Pam


  1. Sorry you had some struggles. Hope the chips didn't cause you too much trouble.

    1. Not really,I just felt stuffed for the rest of the day. I was a fool as I hardly ever eat deep fried anything.

  2. A day of opposites then. No-one could say it was dull anyway. :-)
    I dread the day our lights give up. I've had them for ever and they are lovely.

  3. At least I could laugh about it, and like the Curates egg it was only bad in parts.

  4. Sorrybthe chips made you uncomfortable, I cook my chips and Sweet potato chips in the airfryer.....yummmm


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