Saturday 15 December 2018


Was it a bird? was it a Plane? It certainly wan't Superman or woman. No it was Friday blasting by in a tearing hurry to get to bed!
I did achieve everything on my to do list, I even managed to read a few chapters.
I found the time to finish the Advent socks. First I was listening to Chris Evans on the radio and he had the Stictly peeps with him. Then I  watched a bit of breakfast telly and Ben Miller was talking about his new book. Now Ben was the Detective Inspector in the first series of Death in Paradise, are you with me, Danny from Strictly was in that,  soooo I felt that Strictly knitting was in order.
I had been up since stoopid o'clock, bread was cooking, washing was done AND tumbled, tidying had happened and I had earned a sit down.
The only job left was vacuuming and it was too early for that.

Then with some dog walking and a bit of lunch it suddenly became 7 and there was no dinner in sight 
Thank Crunchy there was soup and fresh bread, and a Mary Berry Gingerbread tray bake just at the right degree of stickiness.
It was....lipsmackingthirstinducingfingerlickinggood a cuppa was the perfect companion.

Cue some telly and the Graham Norton show with Dame Darcy!!! more strictly knitting and the socks were done. (another pair was duly cast on)

There is a garter stitch afterthought heel, a first for me, and I used a new cast on and bind off. Judy's cast on and Jenny's bind off.

Fast forward to this morning, and it was a game of Tetris in the car boot. stacks of gifts to go to Cardigan and both dogs and all their paraphernalia had to go in. (No the dogs were not in the boot, harnessed up on the back seat they slept both ways)
It went quite well and we were off by 9:10, almost crack of dawn as far as the SO is concerned.
The drive was uneventful but there was evidence of land slips and many trees down. The drive home was not so good, horizontal rain and lowering skies, but like all things it passed.
The noise reached crescendo level when the playing cards came out, Snap and other shouty games were the order of the day, much fun was had by all. Many croaky throats emerged on the other side. My head started to throb, I am so out of sync with the noise.

A quiet cup of tea and a cool walk with the dogs have soothed my aching brow and I am poised ready for Strictly The Final. Dinner will be a very lazy meal of Cumberland sausage, onions, tomatoes and some seeded rolls.

I see that Tesco have brought the 29 p packs of veg out, 5 days before Lidl launch theirs. They also have Legs of Lamb half price, I will have to shuffle the freezer contents to make room for a couple.

Now I am off to the kitchen, if you hear crying it will be me with the onions.

                                                      TTFN                  Pam

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