Sunday 9 December 2018

Nearly had an accident.

It was all the SO's fault, it was getting on for 12:15 yesterday, I was feeling the rumblies in the tumbly. All that walking, oh by the way, it is a good job we had the long walk early as it hammered down later.

Anyhow, I asked the SO if he wanted any food, he declined, but said he would love another coffee and held his mug out.
I asked him what his last slave died of, and quick as a light he replied "disobedience". I did the dying fly on the sofa, real tears and aching ribs and almost an accident!

I had a banana rollup, a slice of bread (this time the raisin bread) wrapped round a softish banana. OH Yum.

He had a coffee, and had to fend for himself till dinner time, which was the soup with some onion, cheese and olive scones. A long time favourite recipe, adapted from one in a Mary Berry book.

The second Advent sock is cast on, I knitted through Strictly and carried on while we chatted about the show. It is still not obvious who will make it to the final, it all depends on the public vote. I have my hopes pinned on Kevin and Stacey, to me they just have that little bit of sparkle when they dance.

The SO has been busy with the pom pom makers, I have a growing colony of little cuties. He now wants to try to make minions.

Francesca's room has been blinged up and there are some cuties in there as well.

I have tried to crop this 3 times and failed. so this is the large option.

A little more of the blinged up room.

I have a bit of a scratchy throat this morning, possibly from the wet air that I breathed in while walking yesterday. I expect to find gills growing any day now.

There has been bright sun, mist hanging in the air and driving rain playing on loop this morning. The dogs did not mind though and I had my long waterproof coat and wellies so I did not mind either.

Now I have a few things to do, nothing mega just enough to get me off the sofa and moving about.

                             TTFN                             Pam


  1. I love the decorations especially the pompom cuties. What a clever SO :)Hope the throat has recovered Pam x

    1. Back to normal now, better weather today.

  2. Ohhh, love the little cuties!!

    Is Strictly like Dancing With the Stars, here across the pond?

    God bless.

  3. Oh no, hurting yourself, just because of a joke. No fun. -pout-

    That soup and scones dinner sounds delicious...

    Love the glitter-up and the pompom cuties!

    Oh and, why not use the Large size, all the time???? Or at least, as "large" as fits on your blog?

    I just love big pictures on blogs, as you will see, if you visit mine. :-))) I love to not have to click on pics, to really be able to see them.

    Happy December to you!

  4. The "accident" would have been of an involuntary leakage kind. I usually crop my pictures as far as possible as closeups nearly always have too much glare.

  5. The pom pom maker has been working overtime here too, they are so much fun.

  6. I hope you're happy about the Strictly finalists. I'd have liked to see Laura there along with Joe and Stacey. The public don't like contestants who dance or have danced for a living, it's time they learnt that.

  7. Banana sandwiches.... yummy, a favourite here too.


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