Monday 31 December 2018

A new year beckons.

Well done to all of you bargain hunters, either planned or serendipitous, and equally well done to those of you who did not "do" the sales for whatever reason.

I had to nip to the shop on the way back from dropping Francesca at the station, just to replace the things that she used from the medicine chest. She arrived with a hacking cough which had given her some considerable pain. (luckily a few days rest and being pampered along with some meds helped relieve that).

I spotted a Christmas mug, abandoned on the shelf, and carried it to the till. Reduced from £12 !!! to £3, that is now in a box and in due course will get some goodies put with it for a gift next year.

Now as the year rushes headlong to the end I find myself looking back.
It has been a helter skelter one, a new arrival, in the form of Herbie, turned my world and routines inside out and upside down. fortunately he adapted instantly to our household and settled down within moments. By the end of a couple of days he seemed to have been here for ever.

The fall that smashed my mouth was a traumatic time, I know that in comparison with many people it was insignificant. It has dragged on for so long because of the widespread breakages. There are bits of root still working their way through the gums and the gap from losing my left incisor is massive. There are issues regarding replacing it and it seems as though the cost could be equally massive. 

On the other hand the SO has had his asthma medication overhauled and (so far so good) is reaping the benefits.

Ben is still plodding along with us, although most days are very slow he does still enjoy his walks and is never late for a meal.

The grandchildren are growing like weeds and Mum and Dad are both doing well in their respective jobs.

Francesca is doing very well in her career and has a good social life away from work. She has her sights on her future and is working steadily towards it, but not at the expense of a social life. She has got the work and life balance pretty well sorted.

My cataracts are still not at the stage for removal, I wish they would hurry up, which has affected my sewing. I can no longer do so much detailed work. Luckily knitting and crochet are not affected at all.

Many people will be thinking about resolutions for next year (tomorrow, how fast it has come around) I usually have a word or phrase well before now.

Nothing has come to mind, so it may have to be "Go with the flow". My life has a natural rhythm and to try to swim against the current would be counter productive. I enjoy each day as it comes, to the best of my abilities, and that seems fine to me.

There is nothing that I long for personally, world peace and an end to hunger would be great but I have to keep it real.

Single use plastic has never been big in my life, waxed and silicone paper and foil are used when necessary. I do have plastic containers, most of which have been in use for several years. I am slowly changing to glass, I have some Kilner type storage jars (the sort that have a rubber sealing ring) and am using them more and more.

I have adopted another dog from The Dog Trust, as my gift to myself, there is a centre fairly near to me and another planned for Cardiff.

I still have 3 gifts undelivered, time and teeth got in the way. It also did not help when The tree went up and Herbie regarded it as his personal playground, which meant that if we left the house he had to come with us.

The minute that it comes down I will set off with them, it will not be long as the first lot have come down. The landing lights and banister swathe have been packed away, Francesca,s room is next.

Now it is really time for my second cuppa, so I will wish you all a smooth transition form this year to the next. May you achieve all that you would like to and all that you need to. Most of all I hope that 2019 sees you healthy and happy.

                         TTFN                              Pam


  1. A guid new year to you and yours, Pam. My resolution is to Use it Up in terms of stash-you are my role model after seing those lovely quilts. I have surprised my self by spending no money at all in the sales but that’s mainly because I haven’t been near the shops!!

  2. A regular reader but infrequent commenter, I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, and I look forward to hearing about your activities next year - I am in awe of both your crafting skills and your energy! I hope 2019 brings you good times and good health.

  3. I real enjoy your blog.
    I hope your mouth finally gets better soon.
    I think a lot if us will be pleased to see the end of this year. It's at least a nice bright sunny day here and the days are getting longer.
    Good wishes for 2019.
    Hazel c uk

  4. And a happy 2019 to you!
    I'm wondering just how much more stitching you could do. Your present output is stunning anyway.

  5. Yup it's definately been a year of ups & downs for many of us, and we live to fight another day!! Thanks for keeping your blog going throughout the year and especially for your simple oat cookie recipe - they have become a diet-staple!! Happy Hogmany to you!!

  6. Happy New Year Pam, I am like you no resolutions being made here, it's not about 1 day, everything is ongoing. Having a happy family to watch them grow is the best thing.

  7. All the same wishes to you for the new year Pam.

  8. Happy New Year! I wish you and the SO the best for 2019!

  9. Wishing you lots of relaxed and peaceful moments as well as many fun and happy times (including lots of knitting, crochet and crafting) in 2019

  10. Happy New Year Pam. I hope it is all you want it to be. I've been very bad at commenting on blogs lately. We had so many things going on over the holidays that before I knew it I was 8 days behind in my blog reader. Slowly getting caught up. Dinner for 8 tomorrow and then hopefully back to normal and time to start taking the decorations down.


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