Saturday 1 December 2018

Purple all the way.

A wet and windy start to the day meant that Herbie and Ben were out into the garden and back in record time.
It also called for purple porridge, thank goodness for all those free Blackberries. It was so worth all the little prickles in my fingers.

Then there is The Blanket.

All joined together.

The first colour for the border, a round of double crochet took 30 grams. I have now started a round of half trebles, then I will change to the cream. I have 3 more colours in waiting that may or may not be used.

A bit of photo bombing.

I was so enjoying the joining it all together that I almost wished that there were more squares.

Dinner last night was liver and bacon in onion gravy, it was delicious. We just had it with a pile of steamed cabbage and were groaning full, so glad that I did not cook any form of carbs.

Tonight's dinner is in the clouds right now, I comfortably full of porridge and can not think about food, other then the fact that mushrooms will be involved.

I had planned a trip to Llandeilo today but the rain has changed my mind, I also have parcels arriving for me and for Francesca.

I have to go next week as I need wadding and would like a natter and catch up with Sue from the Flying Geese and Chrissie in the wool shop. I may have to throw my hat through the doors before I enter.

Nothing much has been getting my attention, a few rounds on the current strictly Socks, more tonight and tomorrow while the blanket has a rest.
I did buy an unplanned skein of yarn from Ellie of Craft House Magic, in the colourway Take Me On. She names lots of her colours after songs, this is white, greys and black.
As soon as my yarn from Ellie arrives it will be caked up ready for a pair of socks for Francesca. Yes, another pair. BUT she is a huge fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas and this is the perfect colourway. 
I may take one of the pairs already knitted and put into her Christmas Eve Box. I have made some PJ bottoms in Christmas fabric for the box, there is a shop bought top to go with them. There is a bath bomb and various bits to go with it and an Argon Oil hair treatment, She loves a wallow in the bath, and will be able to have a full on pamper session before we settle down for some serious TV watching, Elf and possibly The Grinch and maybe White Christmas.

Dinner that night will be a simple one pot wonder, minimal fuss, work and washing up.

Anyhoo, it is past time that I got stuck into this days chores. The sooner started the sooner finished and then it will be Hooky Time.

                        TTFN                                         Pam


  1. Your blanket is beautiful, Pam. I really wish I could crochet when I see the speed of it compared to knitting. Musicals week in Strictly tonight so that should be fun.

  2. The blanket looks beautiful, lovely colours and such neat joining, you can't even see it! Your Christmas Eve sounds just perfect.

  3. Such a lovely parcel you have conjured up, lots to enjoy in that. Christmas Eve sounds nice and relaxed and lovely,

  4. The blanket is just perfect. What a wonderful choice of colours.

    God bless.

  5. Your blanket is a delight, such a wonderful combination of colours. Christmas Eve sounds idyllic, enjoying loved ones.

  6. The blanket looks lovely. Great Christmas Eve planning

  7. I hope you enjoyed Strictly last night. We saw it on catchup as we had been out to a performance of Messiah at Great Malvern Priory. I am so pleased to be able to comment at last as I have been having trouble recently leaving comments. I found a hint on another blog and found that Apple had altered privacy settings. I’ve unchecked a box and voila, I can comment again.

  8. What a gorgeous blanket Pam.


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