Monday 17 December 2018

Bear chewing a wasp.

Or a cross between a Scottish Wild Cat and a Tasmanian Devil.

That is how I felt this morning. I woke late, after broken sleep (more broken than sleep), my head was stuffed with wet cotton wool, my nose was streaming and my throat was on fire. 
The Lurgy, was my first thought, second and third thoughts are not for this place!

Anyway,there were things to do so out of bed I lurched and half crawled to the bathroom. 
Fast forward a little, clean clothes on a clean body, a lovely cuppa and a walk with Ben and Herbie and I began to resemble life as we know it.

A while later and another walk with Ben, Herbie and Rufus and another cuppa. Life was almost back on track.
A hot blackcurrant drink and pop a couple of paracetamols, a little sit down and mmmm, not so bad at all now.
Head still a bit stuffed up but nose at a standstill and throat calmer.
I might live after all.
I had planned a trip out.
Not wise, if this is a bug I do  not want to share.
It may be good to share, but not any bugs specially at this late stage in the seasonal preparations.

What to do?
I know, I will get The List of Things To Do out and bring some of it forward.
Bathroom fully blitzed....everything out including the tumble dryer, every surface cleaned (I hate exposed pipes) and all put back to rights.

What now?
The Big Fridge Sort Out.
Empty and remove shelves. Clean everything that stands still (including the outside....How many magnets???) replace it all. Wait a minute what is the date on that bottle yeukk! throw it out NOW.
Top up shopping list as I go. Don't forget the Cornichons  

The Small Fridge Sort Out....can wait until after lunch, steamed veg with some Balsamic Vinegar, and a cuppa.

That is my day so far. I feel virtuous if not fully better. There will be some knitting later on socks for L. I may be watching some of the Strictly Finals dances again, once is not enough they were so good. Roll on the Christmas special.

A load of washing has been done and there are enough woolly things to merit a little hand washing session, later, much later.

The earlier bright sky has resumed its grey mantle and I imagine that rain is imminent. Those long hot weeks are but a dim and distant memory now.

                              TTFN                                  Pam.


  1. Sorry you had such a bad night and rotten start, but glad you're feeling a lot better now.

  2. You made me laugh. Sounded awful at first, but sure glad you got to feeling better. You got a lot done anyway. I love the doggie pictures in your last post. He looks so sweet!

  3. Your day sounds like it got very productive! Hope you stay sniffle-free!!

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I do hope you have a better sleep tonight, though you seemed to get a great deal done on very little sleep.

    God bless.

  5. Hi pam wanted to thank you for your mention of craft house magic her tutorial on toe up socks has shown me how to use magic loop which I thought I could never do I'm on my second sock and love it .carole

  6. You've reminded me that I want to buy cocktail cherries - must add them to my list before I forget again. We're not really cocktail people in this house but at Christmas I do enjoy a Snowball :)


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