Thursday 13 December 2018

Ifits and shopping

I have finished the first part of quilting, just enough to hold the front to the wadding. I find that with a big quilt it makes it far easier to control when the first 2 layers are bonded and I did not want to use spray glue this time.

Now for the backing, I have to cut and join fabric as the quilt measures 84" x 100", I quilt in inches, I cannot see centimetre in my minds eye.

As stitching lengths of fabric together can be mind numbing boring I am adding a patchwork strip, just 11" wide down the length of the quilt. It will be set to one side as central would be too regimented for me.

I had a delve into the drawer that hold orphan blocks and left over bits of sewing. Bingo, I found some strip sets from a long finished and gifted quilt. They were not wide enough but a 3 1/2" strip added has done the job. Now I have to trim and join these together before cutting my main fabric.

I could have bought some extra wide backing fabric, I could have bought a large sheet. I choose to shop from stash as this is another scrappy quilt top AND I have vowed to sew and knit through the stash before having a shopping spree.

                  Roll on that day, I love shopping for fabric. Don't tell anyone though.

I had no colour palette in mind it was a case of If its there I will make it work. It was there, and some of the work was done (win win) and I am happy with that.

The binding is no problem, I made loads extra for L's quilt and have plenty of that fabric if I need more.

In fact the only fly in the ointment is the fact that I have to wind bobbins before doing any more sewing. I wind a dozen at a time and the last one is in the machine.
 I did change the needle and and do a quick clean round the race before starting BUT I could do with giving it a deep clean. Take it to bits as far as possible and get the vacuum out, I am certain that there are some serious dust bunnies in there. I don't mind that at all, I like to keep the machine clean, not only does it make me happy but it runs better and protects my investment.
I do sometimes consider getting an upgrade but there is no driving need, it does everything (and much more) that I need.

I am shopping later, there is nothing that I am desperate for but Thursday is a fairly quiet day and I can be out and back in a very short time.

Liver and Bacon for dinner tonight with onion gravy and probably some mushrooms in there as well. Lots of steamed veg to use up the odds and sods will make the meal for me.

Now it is time to get ready for walking Rufus and Ben, it is their social time of the day.

                    TTFN                                          Pam


  1. I use inches too Pam even though I can 'do' metric if pushed although I do like a metre of fabric rather than a

  2. Sounds like it is really coming together. I am working on a topper using 5x5cm squares it is fun for a while and then I put it all away and get it out again another month. Looking forward to seeing it Pam. Jo x

  3. Liver and bacon .... yummy on a cold day, and its certainly been chilly today.

  4. Another inch person here.

    God bless.

  5. I usually put a strip on the back too, it's usually made up of extra scraps of the quilt fabrics. Show us a pic of yours?


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