Monday 10 December 2018

Busy bee sort of a day.

It has been perpetual motion today, I started with quite a long walk with Ben and Herbie. It was dry and almost warm so Ben made the most of it.

Then it was the normal jobs along with finishing the quilt.

All bound and rolled, I had to fold for packing though.

I rounded all the corners, as is my norm now, saved all that folding and faffing.

We went into Ammanford, I needed some light bulbs and a huge postal envelope among other things.

Once home it was time for some soup, today's batch was chicken and veg. made first thing and popped into the slow cooker.

Ben and Herbie wanted another walk and then it was clear the decks and action stations.

Francesca's bed is fairly well stacked with wrapped and labelled gifts.

There are more to do tomorrow as we ran out of steam and time.

It is confession time now, I wrapped nothing but the quilt.
The SO did the lot, but, I did all the leg work. I was up and down the stairs like a mad woman. 
Oh and I did play with ribbons and bows, the SO was paper and sellotape.

Most years I use beads and lace, broken jewellery from the charity shops and anything that catches my eye. This year it has been all about the making, I have knitted, crocheted and stitched my way through a big chunk of the stash, and enjoyed every minute of it.

I am brimming with ideas for next year and the gifts, mostly hand made will be jazzed up. I will be collecting oddities through the year. I have always relished the hunt for my bling.

I have watched Kirstie and her Christmas crafting, but am not inspired to make a gingerbread house. In this house it would be eaten before the construction got underway.

I have knitted a few rounds on the sticky socks but the advent sock has laid untouched but not forgotten. It will get some love at some point.

I have  cut out a pair of jogging bottoms for the SO and a skirt for me in this years Christmas fabric. Fran has a pair of the joggers made and wrapped. This has become a tradition, a new one will start this year. 
A Christmas Eve basket, full of little nibbles for the peckish, a bottle of fizz for the thirsty, new socks for toasty toes and so on. Francesca has a pair of joggers (brushed cotton Christmas fabric) a new pair of socks and a Christmas jumper. There is also a Christmas mug, hot chocolate drink mix and marshmallows. She has a day of gift wrapping after taking her hire car into Swansea first thing in the morning. There will be a bath bomb and some pamper bits for her after all the wrapping is done.

I am going to finish watching Escape the the Chateau and then get Herbie out for his last walk.

                                  TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Lovely quilt, so neat. Wow, Francesca's a lucky girl. Love the blanket on her bed.

    1. They are not all for Fran,just most of them. She loves Christmas and always goes overboard. I have been making all year and lost track of just how much I have knitted and sewn. There is a box full ready for next year.

  2. What a great idea. Rounding the ends would really be much easier than all the fussing I end up doing trying to get the edges square.

    God bless.

    1. It is so simple, I fold the quilt in half and cut the first 2 corners using a template, then repeat for the last 2. When stitching the binding down I go slow and ease round the curve.

  3. Thanks for the rounded corners idea - about to do the binding on Gabby's quilt, so will do that on hers.

    You have beenvery busy crafting (as always). I have been VERY busy working this past two weeks, and desperately need time to draw breath!

    1. It saves such a lot of pulling and tugging and there is no stopping and turning a heavy quilt.

  4. That is just the sort of day I had yesterday and I am worn out.

    1. I do like to be busy but some days it is like walking uphill through treacle.

  5. What a great idea the rounder corners is, I do like that.


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