Thursday 7 February 2019

A, B, C, D or none of the above.

This morning I filled in 2 on line questionnaires, it was somewhat painful. Not the doing, but deciding which box to tick.

Given a multiple answer choice question along the lines of,
What phrase would you chose to describe yourself.
A, takes time to care.
B, career focused.
C, willing to help if asked.
D, prioritise family.

These were not actual questions but along the lines.

I would expect that many of us could tick them all at one point. Certainly if you have a career, or "just a job" you have to be focused upon it. 
Most of us take the time to care for somebody at various times.
Equally if you have a family there are times when they have to take first place, no matter what.
Most of us are willing to offer a helping hand if asked, possibly we are so busy with the other 3 that we do not see a situation arising.

I did manage to complete both but feel quite ambivalent about the results.

It must be nigh on impossible to  instantly fit yourself into a single category, okay single, married, divorced etc are seemingly simple, but what if you are widowed and remarried. That subsequent marriage does not throw the widowhood out the window.

Enough, be done with it.

The second pair of boot socks from the Sahara yarn are off the needles and on my feet, there is plenty for a 3rd pair. I will possibly cast them on over the weekend, and add a pattern to stave off boredom with the colour.
I did cast on a new project last night, a pair of Simple Slipper Socks. A free pattern that I found somewhere ages ago and have made many pairs from. 
I use a little sock stop on the soles, I do not want to be slipping on the stairs and they are fine. I do have real slippers but my feet boil in them after an hour.

We have been to Neath this morning, some banking, an eye test booked for the SO and a little teeny bit of shopping, mainly for the dogs.

I looked in Morrison's and it was heaving, I was so glad that I did not need to join the crush. 

The journey was uneventful but we did spot a fair bit of storm damage here and there. The shiny new Wilko store has lost some of the wall panels and a few trees have shed the odd branch. There were a few building site barriers lying flat on the ground and of course random bits of plastic and miscellaneous rubbish wedged into corners.

Dinner tonight is definitely Iffits and I will be putting a beef casserole in the slow cooker later, ready for tomorrow.

I think that a cuppa, my knitting and a film on the telly will fill the rest of the afternoon. I may do a little hand stitching or perhaps a bit of hooking.  Time will tell.

                      TTFN                                            Pam


  1. I think the trouble with questionnaires like that which give you multiple choice answers, is that as you say, you can identify with several answers. Which isn't helpful if they want only one. So I think the best thing to do is just to read them quickly and go with your immediate gut feeling, without dwelling on them too much.

  2. A cuppa, knitting and a film sounds perfect ... count me in too.

  3. How strange the weather is of late, we had a rise in temperature and sunshine yesterday. Overnight the winds have picked up and the garden is flooded again.


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