Tuesday 12 February 2019

Seconds away, Round 2

Monday was a full on day, I did take it steady though so today is the finale.
All the base kitchen cupboards have been emptied, contents reviewed and shuffled (again). There is a bit more sense to the placement now, I use my mixing bowls frequently, so why I had them at the very bottom and pushed to the back is anybodies guess.

They are now top and centre, along with the scales and measuring jugs. So much better.
A few containers with a wisp of contents lurking in the bottom has been pulled out. The contents will either be used this week or binned. 
Guess what, I have amended the meal plan to use them all.
As I suspected the same thing was found in the cleaning cupboard. All the dregs are now in the front ready for the next assault on the cleaning front.
We enjoyed the fruits of our labours, yes Really, so much that we are going to try it out next Monday. The thinking is that it will take less time and free up days in the week for other things.
I usually wash all the paintwork one morning in the week but it all got done yesterday, that saves me time and gives space for the garden or sewing. Anything that I fancy really, and the same goes for other tasks that I have been spreading through the week.

The only real downside of yesterday was that we did not drink anywhere near the amount of tea and coffee as normal. That is not a bad thing at all, and I aim to keep a closer eye on the amount of "pit stops" that we take on a daily basis.

Now to the slipper trials.

This is using Aran weight yarn, on 4.5 needles. I cast on 16 and increased to 32, for my size I knitted 61/2" and then divided centre front to knit straight. I used the magic loop method until there was enough give to change to straight back and forth as I did not want to stretch any stitches. This length came just a touch nearer to my ankle and feels snugger.

Once the stitches were divided equally I knitted 27 rows in garter stitch and increased 1 stitch at each end on right side rows 3 - 15 giving me 46 stitches then I used the kitchener method to join the  stitches together.

This is a nice rise to the sides and back but not enough for a shawl collar look. I will try another pair and increase 2 on each right side row, I am determined to get this right, just because.

I did not finish the second one last night, it was too much for me to even hold the needles so I threw in the towel,walked Ben and Herbie while the SO washed up.  Watched a bit of telly and went to bed shortly after 10.

Dinner, I almost forgot.

It was delicious, just far too much for me, the SO emptied his plate with gusto, I popped my leftovers in the fridge to have either today or tomorrow.

Tonight we are having some spicy chicken with a jacket potato, steamed Kale and probably carrots.

I want to look up an old recipe for a lemon pudding that separates 
during cooking into a sponge floating on a sauce, I have an inkling that is a Delia recipe. I could well be wrong though.

Now for the last of the tidying those cupboards.

                                     TTFN                      Pam


  1. I really like your solution to the slippers - didn't even occur to me to start at the toe - rolling my eyes here - and on top you get a very nice end to the heal with the kitchener stitch! Well done :-)

  2. I remember making the same lemon pudding the recipe I used to use was from a dairy cookbook and it was called magic lemon pudding. Heather

  3. Look up Lemon Surprise Pudding. It’s delish!

  4. I remember that lemon type pudding, we used to have it as school, cant remember what it as called though... happy times.

  5. Busy girl. It's lovely when the job is done though isn't it?

    Very cool slippers.

  6. Why is it that the pot or bowl you need is always at the back of the cupboard? I need to do a straightening up of mine as well.

    The slipper looks great.

    God bless.


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