Wednesday 20 February 2019

Inspiration from Heidi.

No, not that Heidi. This girl lives in Canada and has a fairly new podcast called Books and Cables. 
All I really need to say to all the knitters out there is that Marie Wallen is her Queen and she is the proud owner of Marie,s books. And has an impressive collection of colourful knitwear.

I have serious clothing envy, so much that I have thrown my restrictions to the wind and will be purchasing at least 2 patterns today.
The only reason that I did not do it yesterday was that I went on a prolonged stash dive. Yarn was pulled and matched, yardage was counted and matched to patterns. I don't want to buy yarn if I have it in stash, I have not gone completely off track.

But, as an aside remark, my lovely neighbour W has offered to drive me to Penarth next week. 
Not for the town, not for the beach or even the pier.

Of Course Not.

It is for Yarnnyarn, the yarn shop.
You see Christmas can come more than once in a year.

I will only take cash that I am willing to spend. 

My mantra will be,
I must not empty the shelves.

Enough of that foolishness. I have been busy with house things. Nothing remarkable just the everyday jobs that the SO normally does. 
I am amazed that he gets so much done without it even impinging upon my consciousness.

I have a batch of marmalade on the stove top, it is having the rest time to allow the peel to be suspended throughout rather than floating on the top 1/4 of the jars.

I do sometimes make marmalade and jar it before the rest time, the top fruity layer is a great addition to a tea loaf or indeed almost any cake. try it out in a chocolate cake. Lush.

The jelly bottom is fine on toast and also great fro using instead of Apricot jam, brushed warm on said chocolate cake it gives a wonderful sheen, it also keeps crumbs out of the ganache that you will be pouring on top. 
Well that,s what we do, it is only a now and again thing and well worth waiting for.
I did make one for Valentine,s Day. W did have a mighty slice. 30 seconds in the ding oven turned it into the sauciest cake imaginable.

The weather has been a bit iffy at times but I have pegged out every load of washing and it has all dried. I just kept a close eye on the windows for any spot of rain.

I am not a lover of Turkey, cooked any way, but as I picked up such a bargain I felt obliged to see what I could do to make it more palatable for me.

2 steaks cut into decent size chunks, into the slow cooker. Followed by a red pepper, a red onion, 2 sticks of celery and 4 small carrots, peeled/deseeded and cut into largish chunks. A good heaped tsp of hot smoked paprika, some fresh Oregano, a good shake of garlic granules ( only because I had put the chopping board and knife into a sink of soapy water) and a few shakes of liquid smoke with a carton of passata and the carton half full of water to rinse it out. Turned on to high for 4 hours then cooled and popped in the fridge.
Wee will be having that tomorrow with brown rice, I will sizzle off some sliced mushrooms and diced smoked bacon to stir through just before serving.

Tonight we are having the Pearl Barley risotto, there will be Fennel and mushrooms in that, to finish it off I will stir some soft blue cheese through and perhaps sizzle some sage leaves to scatter on top. I like sage but only cooked and sizzled in a little oil and butter gives it a whole new flavour. I will make enough to take some to W, he is a willing taster.

There is a new pair of socks on the needles, that will be pair 2 of 14 for my Christmas makes.
BTW one of the sweater patterns that i will be buying is for Francesca so doesn't really count as breaking my "craft diet". I have knitted several sweaters using variations of 1 pattern so that purchase is allowed.

Now the marmalade has been jarred, they are all wiped clean. 
No I did not lick them, blisters on the tongue hurt, never mind how I know that.
All I have left is to get the decks cleared once Rufus and herbie have been walked.

                   TTFN                                               Pam


  1. It's lovely to find a new source of inspiration isn't it Pam even though it can result in a little bit of spending. I'll soon be looking at new ranges of quilting fabrics ready for going to the show in April and that will definitely end up in a spending spree.....I've not bought fabric for ages.

    I don't like turkey very much either.

  2. Do you know, I've never actually watched a craft (crochet) podcast?! Perhaps I ought to remedy that.

    I'm not a fan of turkey either, it needs so much more spicing up to give it some flavour, it's very bland otherwise.

  3. Enjoy the wool shopping. Will have to look up that podcast,thanks for your recommendation. Mmm love the smell of marmalade cooking.

  4. I hope you have a great time with the wool shopping.

    God bless.

  5. I know about blisters on the tongue too Pam, LOL!

  6. Crikey you have been a domestic goddess. That marmalade sounds tasty and would go nicely on a chunk of fire toasted bread.

  7. Pam, do you use pectin in your marmalade? Also, how long do you let it rest? I made marmalade with pectin once, years ago, and all of the peel floated. Orange marmalade (actually, orange anything) is my fave. Thanks! Maxine


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