Saturday 9 February 2019

Normal ramblings

Well, yesterday certainly had a few of you wandering down memory lane. I hope that you enjoyed it.
I have not watched Eurovision for many years, it just drags on for too long and my boredom threshold is very soon reached. I do look for the old music with video shows on Sky though, Videos from the Vault springs to mind.
Screenings of ancient Top of the Pops draw me in faster than chips with salt and vinegar or chocolate.

Memories of Sunday afternoon/early evening with my radio perched on the bedroom windowsill listening to radio Caroline. Wonderful

A much better start to the day here, dry,very little wind and a hopeful glimmer of sunshine. That glimmer has blossomed and is now real sunshine.

The dogs were much happier on their walk, and so was I. It was a real lazy wind for the past few days, no energy to go round just straight through. Even my double layer Scandinavian colour work hat only strained it, normally it is impervious.

I sat down earlier and drew up a meal plan for the next 10 days, all based on what is in the fridge, freezer and pantry. There is a shopping list mostly for fresh produce. A few household things are essential, we seem to have had a run of light bulbs blowing and the last one was used a couple of days ago. Murphy's law says that if I buy some (pack of 3 from Home Bargains) none will go for ages.
As I am going to H B for the bulbs I will pick up a few cleaning items, just things that I only buy from there, which will save me a trip at some point. I use their flat silver scourers and took the last one out on Thursday, (Liar liar it was the SO, I rarely touch them)

I will be going into Tesco for some things, my points vouchers arrived yesterday and I will use them. I expect my shopping from there to be virtually "free".

I did have milk and cereal from Lidl on the list but took them both off. I have a tub of rolled oats with half a bag of muesli stirred through to use and I prefer that made with water. Once I have eaten my way through it will be back to mini shredded wheat (Lidl,s own brand) with milk. I do have toast some days but love it piled high with marmalade,so have it as a treat.

My word that is a lot of waffle, all because I had a solid theme for today and lost it while walking. I have no idea what it was or even any recall of where it surfaced from. If I find it you will read it tomorrow.

I have been kitting those little slipper socks, the correct name is...

   Simple House Slippers. the pattern comes from Temple of Knit.

I have made 2 pairs and am adapting the pattern proper socks with a short leg and cuff. Sometimes my ankles can feel a draught where there is none.

They are both the same size, I stretched one out when I put them down.

I ought to have flipped this picture.

I knitted 2 pairs up in no time in dk yarn. For the sock variation I am using Aran weight yarn, a size smaller needles and stitch count. That is giving me a very firm, thick fabric, perfect for slipper socks. If it works out I will be making a few pairs to go in the gift box. I have a cardboard cut out of all the family feet, (and of L,s) not to mention a few odd balls of Aran and Worsted weight yarn to use up. 

It is high time that I got busy, enjoy your weekend where ever you may be. Try to keep cool or warm depending on your climate and above all, be happy.

                      TTFN                                 Pam


  1. Thank you Pam, I am pretty happy today (for a change, some might say!). I love your posts, the way you flit from thing to thing, it's just how my mind works too.

  2. I love those slippers, perfect for a little gift.

  3. Those slippers will be the next thing on my needles... I love them

  4. Funny! I just finished two pairs of the exact same slippers. I am not completely satisfied with the heal though - it short of sticks out like a short tale - do you have a suggestion or is it just a matter of tuck it in when I sew the end together? I am not a very experience knitter yet.

  5. I can remember my mother knitting slipper socks for me. I may have to take a look at that pattern and knit myself a few pairs in remembrance of her.

    God bless.

  6. I love 'waffly' posts and really enjoy yours. :-)

  7. If my neck and feet are cosy and warm then the rest of me is happy ! You are clever making slipper socks ! :)

  8. I'd love to have a go at making them. I'd probably insert a inner sole to make them more comfy.

  9. Sweet little slippers, they look cosy


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