Saturday 2 February 2019


I am watching breakfast telly and there is a group of men SWIMMING in icy water in Little Hampstead Heath. Then they were standing in the snow saying how exhilarating that it was.

My toes were curling at the sight, never mind the thought. I have been swimming in the sea off the Norfolk coast, it is never warm. well perhaps at Great Yarmouth on a hot day when the tide rolls in over the vast expanse of sand. But then it is only for a fleeting moment.
I did once try the New Years Day swim, but it was in an exceptionally mild winter and it only lasted for seconds.

I had an altogether different post planned but the program sent that spinning into orbit.

It is bright and sunny here, the SO has just pegged the washing out before taking Herbie out for a walk. I am ensconced on the sofa, knitting to hand, ready to have an indulgent time.
I had a woozily fit this morning, possibly because I had a very disturbed night, and am taking no chances.

I had planned on sewing but that will wait, all is set up ready so once I feel okay I can walk in the room, sit down and start quilting.

I have the sleeve of a top down sweater to finish and yarn ready to cast on a pair of boot socks.

James Martin is on the telly now, doing something amazing with Duck, for my entertainment. I am set for a few hours, I have a quilt if I feel chilly and a few books on my tablet if I fancy a read.

Ben is to blame for my bad night, he was detirmined that the only place that he could possibly sleep was on the bed, pressed as close to me as he could possibly wriggle. I don't really mind but every time that he moved I woke up. It was like having a new baby when you wake up just to check that it is breathing.

If he does the same tonight I will decant myself into Francesca's bed and leave the SO to Ben's mercy. 

Dinner tonight will be a home made chilli, I hauled it out of the freezer first thing.
Last night, in the end, we had a broccoli and Stilton crustless quiche with chips and petit pois. I made a small quiche which is in the fridge for lunch today.
I need to dive back into the freezer for a chicken for tomorrow, it will provide the start for a couple of meals during the week and some stock from the bones.

Now James is going to cook Mackerel and I don't want to miss anything. I like a bit of oily fish and love Mackerel cooked any way.

                             TTFN                              Pam


  1. You take it easy and enjoy your snuggly day on the sofa.

  2. I love mackerel pate on toast. The thought of going in the sea on a freezing cold albeit bright sunny day like today folks me with horror!

  3. Hope you feel more with it soon Pam. Enjoy the indulging day xx James Martin have seen him in person at a local Cheffie evening a few years ago now but he is very entertaining. Pattypan xx

  4. I don't get it Pam, we were only saying the other day, why do people do these crazy things.

  5. There's a photo in the Times today of someone break ing the ice for her morning swim and my instant reaction was the same as yours - why???

  6. Enjoy your rest, I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I could never do those Polar Bear dip things...I think those people are insane lol...Alex and I went to a spa one time for an anniversary in March - which is still winter around here. We spent time in a very hot sauna, then he jumped into the river, I could barely get one toe in there!

  8. Brrr rather them than me!
    Naughty cat on the bed here, i know you restless night feeling this morning.

  9. I hope you enjoyed your day. We are getting ready to be snowed in here which should mean lots of knitting or sewing happening tomorrow. Or perhaps mugs of hot chocolate and a good book or two.

    God bless.

  10. I am never brave enough to dip my toe in the sea here even in the Summer. Have a good snuggly day.


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