Friday 8 February 2019

Will you be watching?

Eurovision, that is.

I only ask as there was a segment of it on Breakfast telly. We were waiting for the weather report (wet and windy) and there were a few songs with 2 or 3 different versions of each.

Does nobody remember that the times we have won were all with catchy tunes and banal words that are easily remembered. Good sing a long and karaoke stuff, you understand that I use the word good with my tongue firmly in my cheek.
That was unkind, some of them were good and once the music starts I can still remember most, if not all, of the words.
I suppose they are a bit like Abba songs, no one admits to liking them  but when  one comes on the radio just about everyone sings along.
If and when I see a clip on the TV it is not the music that makes me cringe, OH NO, it is the dancing!. The thing that really makes my toes curl is the memory that I did all those moves. 
Oh Boy did I think that I was sooo cool.

The clothes, most of them, make me want to wear them all over again. Even the Hot Pants.( but only if I was that size again)
I made my own and often made a matching mini skirt, no embarrassing flashing of knickers here....... OOOH does anyone remember the tights that has knickers for the body, the idea was that if you snagged the leg you could cut them off and still have underwear.  I bought mine from British Home Stores on St Stephen's road in Norwich, ( most days you could breathe in the scented air from the Mackintosh chocolate factory) they were American tan with Orange knickers attached. Only a couple of pairs as they were not nice at all. One size were too short and gradually slithered down, the next size up were so long that you had the waist up in your armpits and Nora Batty wrinkles before she had been invented.

Happy Days.

Dinner yesterday became a series of little snacks, we had a late lunch and were not really hungry.
Today I will have the slow cooker going, a load of veg, diced quite small, a pack of passata, some fresh herbs, ginger and garlic. Once it has had 3 hours on high I will stir in some Bulgar Wheat and a little extra seasoning and it will need about another hour.

I did cook a beef casserole in it yesterday and that is tucked away in the fridge. It may well be tipped into big Yorkshire Puddings for tomorrow. Or perhaps in a suet pastry steamed pudding, real cold weather food.

I have finished my mid morning coffee, the rain seems to be diminishing so we may get a reasonable walk in soon. This wet front should be moving Eastwards through the day, that can happen as soon as it likes.

I have jobs to do so I better get cracking, the sooner started the sooner finished.

                               TTFN                                 Pam


  1. Nope we won't watch Eurovision, but I agree there are some wonderful singalong songs in it's history. Hot pants, I was sent home from school for wearing them. I made myself a pair from school summer uniform material, we were allowed to make any design in our last year of school. BUT it seamed the they were not happy with hotpants, my mum bless her backed me up, and I went to school everyday, just to be sent home, as I had not broken any rules for any design, in the end the school replaced the fabric and I had to make a differnt outfit. They were tight and i loved them, made loads of pairs for out of school.

  2. We saw that segment too, nobody already well known, I notice, I think nowadays no one who's a star already would risk ruining their career by entering Eurovision! No, we haven't watched Eurovision for years now. It's no longer about good songs, but is everything to do with politics and maintaining good relations with your neighbouring buddy countries. I don't know why we bother entering anymore.

    Oh, and I love Abba! And I'm not ashamed to admit it!

  3. Just like another poster I really like Abba. Catchy tunes and very easy to sing along with.

    Your slow cooker meal sounds very good.

    God bless.

  4. I will openly admit I love Abba!
    Don't think we get Eurovision over here!

  5. Not my thing at all so no, I won't be watching. I used to but then it all got political and it spoilt all the fun.
    ABBA is/were great and their songs are deceptive. They can be really complex and clever.

  6. Oh, I'll be watching Eurovision for sure! With my sister - we'll have a bottle of bubbles (or maybe one or two ciders), marshmallows, mudcake, quiche, tea... Aaand we'll play Eurovision bingo! (You know, there is always certain elements: wind machine, smoke machine, skirt ripped off during the song, bare-chested male dancers, modulation, song about peace, douze points etc). The absurd ridiculousness of the whole thing - it is lovely! I don't usually have a clue who has won, it's not the point. Point is it is bonkers and so out of this world, and sometimes you just have to forget reality and substitute it something totally different :-)

  7. Memories Pam, my Mum bought me some tights with knickers from Woolworths, American Tan and pale blue knickers.

  8. I was given a photo of me in a pair of hot pants by a son of a good neighbour. I had made them and for my 3 sisters also his young sister. I have always disliked Eurovision.

  9. Another ABBA fan here. I remember watching the Eurovision song contest when we still lived in England in the 60's but all we ever hear is the winner, sometimes!

  10. Sure pastry steamed pudding .... blast from the past that is, not had one of those for years.

  11. American Tan tights! Now that brings back a few memories!

  12. I don't watch it these days but we used to always get together as a family and watch.


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