Wednesday 27 February 2019

This is tomorrow.

The last day of sunshine for a little while, ah well this is the UK.
Instead of mooning over my new yarn I will be in the garden, pottering. Building up my vitamin D levels and moving some things around.

I have taken a few pics of my purchases but managed to delete the Alpine yarn, it is a fur fabric type, all polyester, and is destined to become a cowl. This will be a birthday gift for Francesca,and will keep her warm on her commute. it has a horrible name, Oxblood !!, Whoever dreamt that one up should be shut in a dark room and made to listen to Whale music. The colour is in fact a soft red/brown, it could almost slide onto the fringe of orange shades, that will go well with a winter coat in just about any colour.

New additions for the crochet blanket.

I have 2 balls of the dark shade, these will become a Clayoquot Toque, a free pattern from Tin Can Knits. It will be my practise for the jumper, a paid for pattern. I will, probably, not use these exact colours as I am sure that I have enough yarn in stash.

One of my go to sock yarns, WYS, these will give me 4 pairs of socks using the solid for toes, heels and cuffs. Straight Vanilla socks to let the yarn colours shine.

See what my eagerness did. I opened the coloured skein, Heylor, fluffed it out to drool over it and then could not reskein it for the life of me. No worries as it will be caked up and on the needles soon. This will go into the Christmas gift box.
The solid colour is Ollaberry, they are not purple at all, more a pinkish cranberry colour. There are some speckles of purple in the Heylor skein so perhaps the camera focused on those.

This lovely skein of Indie dyed from By Miranda Mae is called Woodland Walk. It will be socks for L and go into the Christmas gift box. She is a green and blue girl so I may use some soft pale blue from stash for toes, heels and cuffs. That way I can add pink to the leftover green yarn and squeeze out a pair for Francesca as well. Double Bubble.

Socks for the SO

Socks for Francesca.

My latest pairs off the needles, both safely stashed away in the gift box. I am not sure whether they will be birthday or Christmas.

It is not a good drive, for me, to Penarth, I do not like the M 4. The tortuous journey into the town from there, full of lane changes with less than adequate signage, was bad enough to send me looking at train times. The cost is not too bad surprisingly. if you add the cost of petrol to the parking it is not too far out. Of course I have to add the parking cost in Neath but I think that there will be a reasonable alternative to the station car park.

Then the SO added a note of sanity. He looked up alternate routes and as soon as he has finished this contract we will take a day out. take the coast road and make it into a leisurely drive with stops as and when we spot something interesting. 
The dogs love to go in the car and once we reach Penarth they will be glad to have a l o n g walk while I visit Yarn N Yarn. A nice picnic lunch, possibly on the way home (after an ice cream on the beach of course) will round the day off. All we need to do is wait for a fine day. 

I will not be discounting the train journey however, even with a change at Cardiff.

Now the sun is shining, I have time to whizz through my job list before scooping Rufus up for his walk. I better get my btm off this chair.

                             TTFN                                    Pam


  1. Oh such lovely yarns! And that future day out to Penarth with the SO and the dogs sounds wonderful.

  2. Pam I am positively drooling just looking at your yarn. I am so tempted to have a little splurge.

  3. That comment about oxblood made me snort-laugh!
    Hasn't the weather been lovely, we have been outside a lot.that sounds like a perfect day out for when the weather cheers up again, which I have faith it will xx

  4. Such pretty colors! I just ordered something from a shop in Neath! I recognized the town from what you've said about it.
    Your planned trip sounds great. I love driving up the coast but we will wait till the rainy season passes due to mudslides on the Pacific Coast Highway.

  5. Ooooo, lovely squishiness.

    God bless.

  6. The green and blue yarn made my heart thump a bit. It is so gorgeous.

  7. Lovely yarns. I have just finished a project and am busy planning. I have a couple of small things on the go but nothing large so I am excitedly searching Ravelry. I don’t drive much now, just locally and use the train if possible. If you have time to take things slowly then I think you should do it, so I do.

  8. WYS is my favourite, so versatile and good in the machine.
    Great stock, that should keep you busy for a couple of nights LOL

  9. Is Yarn N Yarn a wool shop in Penarth? We lived there a few years ago.

    1. It is, it is tucked away but easy to get to once you are in the town.


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