Friday 1 February 2019

Clear blue skies, with sun shine.

There is also a bitter wind whistling through the valley, but we are keeping well wrapped up.

This might be a step too far, indoors anyway. Knitted from some deep stash yarn, hat and cowl in garter stitch and mitts in stocking stitch. The yarn is chunky and  very warm. 
How would I know/

This set is mine, same brand of yarn just a different colourway. I will be making another set in garter stitch as it is so much squishier.

Both of these pairs are for Francesca's friend L, they will keep her toes warm.

Of course the SO was photo bombed, just look at that "Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" face.

An awkward photo of the table runner, just finished. All made from my gifted scrap bags. There are 6 table mats as well but I forgot to take a pic, tomorrow folks. Even the wadding, all zig zag stitched together was in the bags, I could not be more pleased. I will be tidying the sewing room up, cleaning the machine and then quilting the wall hangings next. I recognise many of these fabrics, most of these are from fairly recent collections but there are some that I remember buying long before I moved to Wales.

I have sorted through the scrap strips again, they are now in colour groups as I have an idea fermenting. As soon as it comes to fruition I will share. 
It must be a new year thing, my head is buzzing with ideas and I just want to be making things. I hope that it lasts
One of my aims this year is to remove a piece of storage from the sewing room. It will take a good month of making to clear enough stash, and that is just sewing.
Knitting takes longer and it will be anyone's guess as to how long it will take to work through at least half the stash. I do have 2 jumpers to share, 1 finished and one as far as the second sleeve.
On the subject of sleeves, I found a great tutorial from Suzanne Bryan on avoiding those holes in the underarm on top down raglan sweaters. I tried it and it works wonderfully. Now to find one for bottom up.
No matter how careful you are some stitches get stretched and anything to avoid mending is a win win in my book.

Dinner tonight will be something with a jacket potato I think, perhaps I will make a crustless quiche, I don't want pasty and potato.
Then of course it could be chips, home made of course.
I will decide when I get to the kitchen, I do usually plan well ahead but the sewing got me by the tail this morning, every thing else was forgotten.

I have had a decent walk this afternoon, Herbie was getting restless so we took advantage of the sun. It was perfect timing as he had a mad play with a Springer Spaniel, it did both of them the world of good. 

Now I must go and clear the decks in the sewing room, I want it all set up for quilting in the morning. Provided I can wait that long.

                              TTFN                               Pam


  1. Lovely knits, I should get some fingers mitts for when I am in my office using the computer, my hands are always so cold. Love the quilted runner, you are a very talented lady.
    Stay warm.

  2. They knit up in an evening, even for his big hands, the whole set only took 2 days of knitting. Thick yarn and big needles.

  3. Warm and cosy makes for the wintry weather, how lovely.
    Nice socks.

  4. I am also trying to rid my sewing/craft room of one set of storage drawers. Seems to be taking forever.

    Lovely knitted cold weather clothing!!

    God bless.

  5. The knitted sets are stunning, I love both the colourways. Impressive socks too, I am always in awe of socks. I keep promising myself I will have a go and never do.


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