Sunday 17 February 2019

Weekend lazing.

I do not seem to have done much over the past day and a half.
 A pair of socks on the needles, they will go into Francesca,s gift box. I will soon be adding the contrast cuff and then the afterthought heel.
A little sewing and a great deal of pressing of fabric strips for the next project.
General house tasks, planning meals, shuffling things around a bit and other mindless jobs.
I feel a bit unsettled, there is so much that I want to do that I am spoilt for choice.
It is a bit like shopping, the shelves are stacked with so much that you can not see the wood for the trees.
Who needs 30 different packets of chocolate biscuits to select from, not me, I just give up and walk away.
I remember the time that I took my Granny to the brand new and first supermarket in Norwich, Tesco of course, we walked round and left with very little. On the way home she said, "I have never seen so many things that I did not want in a shop before."

That is much how I feel, I think that I need to be outside more. The recent warm sunny days have made me feel almost trapped in the house. Yes I am walking a bit more, yes the dogs are more than happy with that, BUT, I want to get stuck into the garden and it is not time yet. 
Any work that we do may, and probably will, get trashed by the weather. I will content myself by having some playtime in the greenhouse. I have one of those plastic jobbies with 5 shelves tucked away in the greenhouse proper. They are pretty much useless in the garden here, too much wind, but under glass they make a wonderful place to start seeds off.
I can fit in 15 full size seed trays and the temperature and humidity seems to be spot on. It has worked well in the past and will be set to work sometime next week I think.

I did the little bit of ironing this morning, hardly worth the effort but it is out of the way. 
Tomorrow will be another clean sweep right through but I will be on my own. The SO has just taken on a fairly long job in the village. He is full of enthusiasm and made a start yesterday.

He has some work pending further down the village but they are fussing over tiles and what not. When and If they make their minds up he will fit them in as and when. He started that job last year and it should have been long finished, the tiles were all ordered and then they changed their minds.

Now I am infamous for my fluttery mind but I usually make it up and then stick to it. At least when it affects somebody else,if it is just me I can dither with the best of them.

There has been quite a time lapse, I looked at the time and it was well past walk time and then it was shopping.
I should not have gone. I fell victim to the reduced to clear counter.
Smoked Haddock, Turkey steaks, the finest sausages and some strong cheddar fell into the basket. Swiftly followed by enough bread for over a week for 62p, I can not make bread for that money.

I spent less than £7 and got  £32 of food, I topped up on fruit and veg and came home happy. there will be no shopping now for at least 2 weeks. I have several home made ready meals in the freezer and the only thing that I may have to get creative with is veg. I do have some in the freezer though and have some that I want to freeze later this evening.
We are still milk free but I can always pick some up in the village if I absolutely have to.

After the shopping was tucked away and a cuppa made and drunk, Herbie made it quite clear that a walk was in order. Ben made it equally clear that he was surfing the sofa. We were gone over 30 minutes but covered a lot of ground, we did not dawdle.

Tonight,s dinner was going to be pearl barley risotto BUT we had a greedy moment in Tesco and bought 2 hot steak in ale pies for less than half price. They became an impromptu car lunch ( we had a measly breakfast of a crumpet with butter as we were not very hungry) and they went down a treat. Now of course we are not able to manage a dinner. It will be a scratch salad with bread and pate and some pickles for a snack meal later.
We will be settling down for the evening with Silent Witness, we are watching it on BBC I Player and enjoying binge watching back to back episodes.
We used to watch it ages ago and it just slipped under the radar till a few weeks ago. Now we cannot tear ourselves away.

I spotted this china cabinet on marketplace and snapped it up, an early birthday gift for the SO, just the thing for his models to live in.

One of the wall hangings, it is straight, it was the camera operator  on the tilt.

This is what happens when you go to work on Saturday, then come home for a sit down.
First you get sat upon, and squeezed up to.

Quite quickly you get evicted and the spot is taken over.

                             TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Gorgeous china cabinet-well spotted. I am about to start sewing lots of drawstring bags for storage in the moho. DH has been out while it was milder assessing how wants to adapt the cupboards-I left him to it and supplied hot drinks and soup as required.

    1. Wise decision, I nearly always have a "must do right now"task on hand for when the SO gets busy.

  2. Aww bless, I love that both dogs snuggle up to the SO. Betty does like to snuggle sometimes, when she's in the mood, but she's not really a lap dog (just as well as she weighs a ton). She does like to stand on my lap sometimes...mainly so she can look out of the window.

    You got some really good bargains Pam, well done. And the wall hanging is beautiful.

    1. I had a Springer Spaniel like that, he would jump on my lap and block the light out. I was pleased with my shopping and even more so when I decided to leave it 2 weeks till the next trip.

  3. Great bargains at the shopping trip.
    Aww what cuties to want to give daddy a cuddle then evict him!

    1. They do like to find a pre warmed spot, bless them.

  4. I feel like you Pam so many things to do it is unsettling. Yesterday I did mow two lawns just taking the top off have two more to go. Have just seen a Malfrid Gausel pattern HELGA which I will get to practice some colour work on it will go in the Christmas Box, then again I have things to sew up and finish oh and a helpful Alfie tore my trousers decisions! xx

    1. I looked at that pattern and would wear it in a shot. i may have to buy it to check the pattern out and see if it can be enlarged to adult size. Too wet to cut grass here but it should be drier by the weekend.

  5. Wow, impressive haul for so little money. I love a bargain. The china cabinet was another great find.

    1. I was so pleased with all my bargains but the cabinet was perfect, just the right size and fitted in with the other furniture.

  6. Ohhh, very lovely china cabinet. Good for you on snapping it up.

    God bless.

    1. It was a lucky find and I was fast to get hold of it.


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