Wednesday 13 February 2019

A day off?

Yesterday I had a little discomfort in my right wrist, all that scrubbing I thought.
It wasn't till I picked my knitting up to finish the second slipper sock that it really began to ache.
So knitting put away for a couple of days.
After dinner I pulled my crochet basket out and decided to start making 7 round Granny squares. Nothing in mind yet, just a vague thought of soft blues and cream with maybe a touch of soft pale green. That would be an excellent gift for L.

2 squares in one of the tendons began to pull  so that was put into hibernation.
Today will be a sewing sort of day, it was pencilled in for my second wall hanging to be quilted anyway.
My only problem is the evening, how will I get through with nothing to keep my hands busy.
Then I had a little ray of light.

Image result for little ray of sunshine images

My long neglected peg loom. I have a basket brimming over with oddments of yarn, smooth, lumpy and bumpy, textured and furry. All of these have been waiting for a weaving project. What about a wall hanging? Not a shabby idea. So, later on the SO will help me to get it all set up.
He doesn't know yet so it will be a nice surprise when he reads this. he he he.

IF I can not manage that it will be off to the sewing room and he will be able to watch all the rubbish car shows interesting shows about cars that he enjoys. Just as long as he leaves the ones that I like, Sin city Motors, gotta love a rat rod.

Dinner last night was very tasty, just not worthy of a photo, a chicken steak marinated and then coated with a spicy mix served with a jacket potato and steamed Kale.
Some of that may have been not quite the truth, I may have been so hungry that as the last morsel was scraped off the plate I realised that no photo had been taken.

Tonight we are having the remnants of the beef casserole with pasta and cabbage. green veg are wonderful to replace pasta but I feel the need for carbs. Well I will do after we spend some time in the garden, there is a little bit of tidying up to do. 
Then sewing for the rest of the day. It sounds sedentary but I keep the ironing board as far away from the sewing machine as possible. That means that I do clock up a surprising amount of steps. As well as quilting I have some piecing to do and that involves lots and lots of pressing.

On that note I am signing off,it will soon be time to walk Rufus and Herbie and I still have the bed to make. I like to leave it thrown open for a few hours before making it.

                                    TTFN                   Pam


  1. I'm just like you can't sit and do nothing, always have a project next to my chair. Even when my sister calls for a chat, I have the phone on speaker so I can carry on knitting.

  2. Ooooh....sorry about the achy wrist. That's not good when there is yarny work to be done. Hope it gets better soon.
    I quite fancy a go at weaving but I think Andy might kill me if I take up yet more room with crafting stuff.

  3. See, scrubbing is dangerous, Pam!

    Had to laugh at you saying what SO is going to help you with....and he'll find out when he reads the blog. Very good!

  4. Hope the wrist is on the mend, over doing the scrubbing is dangerous lol!

  5. I feel your pain. After I broke my wrist I was luck if I could even finish a row of knitting without pain. Hope things improve.

    God bless.

  6. Like you I cant have idle hands when watching TV. hope the soreness is better today.

  7. I occasionally have to put aside knitting and crochet, if I've been doing too much of it, and I look forward to nights in front of the television with less pleasure than usual. I have never been one to sit and do nothing, my hands are occupied either with needlecrafts of some sort, or drawing, colouring in, junk journalling, writing, puzzling either in print books or online on the ipad. Some people consider the latter as a bit of a time-waster, but for someone like me,approaching seventy, it also keeps the brain active.
    Like you, I also like to give the bed a couple of hours airing - my husband on the other hand, would leave it until early afternoon....


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