Thursday 20 July 2017

A Sea of Colour.

Happy Thursday,another warm day, some sun, some grey, some blue sky with cotton wool clouds.
The rain has battered the garden but it will all recover, if only partially.

The Pulse yarn has been wound into cakes and I now have to decide what it will become.

The skeins, dry and ready to wind.

Three luscious cakes ready to go. I am calling these Gower, as they remind me of the colours in the marshes there.

I finished the third pair of short socks for the SO, he picked the main colour and the heels and toes solid.
This is a man whose colour palette of choice was dark grey, light grey, mid grey, black and white with mid blue denim for a change.

I am amazed, and delighted, at his new adventurous dive into the world of colour.
He dyed the Pulse yarn while I watched, wide eyed.

I watched Crafty Mandy's podcast this morning, Stitching for Sanity. I have "volunteered" to dye a skein of yarn in pink and a soft mustardy yellow for her. 
I am more than happy to do so, after all she dyed the goldfish yarn for me.

The yarn and dyes are on their way and I look forward to some experimenting.

Of course I will share as I fall (run like the wind) further down this particular rabbit hole.

I have a maslin pan of chopped up rhubarb waiting to be turned into jam, it needs to sit in the sugar for a while to draw some of the water content.

I have to shop later, the only things in the fruit bowl are 3 grapefruit and 4 small bananas, scheduled to become a Black Banana Cake mmmmm.

 Rufus is enjoying his morning walk, and so am I. We will continue this after his owners cast is removed, we had a little chat and it is mutually agreeable.

Now I am off to stir up the rhubarb and sort out a bit of lunch.

                         TTFN                                          Pam


  1. How stunning is that Gower yarn?
    I can't wait to see what you make with that-x-

  2. Woo Hoo banana cake 🎂 with rhubarb jam.

  3. LOVE those finished socks - great colors! And rhubarb...I need to get some out of the garden, but at 95 degrees when I get home from work, I just can not do it!!

  4. Hi Pam :) The colours of the yarn are beautiful. And those socks! I love orange. I'm glad you're enjoying your walks with Rufus. I'm back to my routine of taking the dogs in the woods in the morning and I sure did miss it!

  5. Your Gower yarn is lovely. Well done!

  6. My grandma called it pie plant and did she make pies with it! It's hard to find here in the markets, but if I drive to Buena Park and Knotts Berry Farm, their chicken restaurant (world famous I've been told) has a rhubarb strawberry side dish with the dinner. It's very good.
    The yarn is yummy. I love those dark colors.

  7. What lovely socks for a man who is new to bright colours. The jam making and baking sound lovely. My rhubarb wilted in the recent hot weather but I recommend raspberry and rhubarb jam.

  8. Those yarn colours are just delightful <3


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