Friday 7 July 2017

More Excitement

Remember the me of a couple of days ago saying that not much excitement happened here, I made her go and wash her mouth out.

Yesterday morning the postie delivered a parcel, chock full of goodies.

I won a giveaway from the lovely Ellie Jones of the Craft House Magic podcast. Ellie lives in Norfolk, not too far from my home village, I found her via the Tilly Trout Podcast, another Norfolk girl. I am waffling.

Any way I was absolutely delighted to take part in the knit along, the first one that I have entered photos in.

Imagine my shock when Ellie read my name out on her last episode, I almost choked on my tea.

She is fast, I only found out on Monday and the prize arrived Thursday.

I carefully unwrapped the parcel ripped the parcel open to find these delights.

A set of lush mini skeins from Rainbow Cloud, once my yarn diet is over I may well be paying them a visit.

Some little extras from Ellie, the Fizzers were fun.

The Bag, what can I say, it is padded perfection personified. I do like a bit of alliteration. Love the pattern and the colours, as it is sock sized I may well go into overdrive and zoom through my sock yarn.

There is a pocket for spare cable and stitch markers etc and Ellie's label. The zipper has a ribbon pull and a little flower progress keeper, I will show that on my next socks.

As if that was not enough excitement, the SO found time to make a start on the Strawberry Table. Now I must gather small pots to root all the new runners, I may even go really mad and buy a few new plants.

Food was again a haphazard affair, I must pull my finger out and stop that, it is far too easy to eat too much if it isn't planned. I had a bagel, cinnamon and raisin, mid morning as my tum was grumbling and then mid afternoon a slice of crustless quiche. It was quite late before I thought about dinner, all this sunshine has me popping in and out to the garden, and it was more rumbles that woke me up to the time. I made a pasta salad, I had some roasted peppers, celery, onion and garlic which had been diced and tossed in a little oil and some Moroccan spices. To those I added a good handful of baby plum tomatoes just halved, some peas and sweetcorn, I mixed a good dollop of mayo with a smidgen of Weapons grade chilli and mixed the lot together. I had a cooked chicken breast in the fridge so diced that up and stirred into half the pasta mix, perfect fast dinner, BUT, there's always a but.
My new neighbour gave me a breadmaker the other day and I tried it out. Oh My Word, the loaf looked and smelled amazing. 
Well, we just had to cut it, a very thick slice was cut and we had half each.It was every bit as good as it looked, but it made for far too many carbs. Today will be carb free. 

Then, to make matter worse, I had a slice of the Mud Pie with single cream. I knew it was wrong, it wasn't even that wonderful. My mind took over and my brain went to bed.

I have put it behind me and today is another day.

Now I have to get a wiggle on, Ben needs walking and I have to dry my hair first. It is cooler today so hopefully will be perfect for my day out with Chrissie.

                    TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. Awww congratulations on winning your prize.
    Those yarns look beautiful-x-

  2. What a fabulous parcel and I don't blame you for ripping it open. That's half the fun in my mind! I am potting on strawberry runners too and will get some of my neighbour's donkey muck heap next week and make them a tasty place to live.

    1. There is no where here for muck, I did find some advertised the first year but of course lost the number.

  3. Well done on winning Ellie's giveaway, I heard her say your name on the podcast. What a wonderful assortment of prizes, the yarn is gorgeous and so is the bag. It's a while since I've used my breadmaker, I go in fits and starts with it, though I rarely bake a loaf in it, I use it to make the dough and then split it into rolls and bake them in the oven.

    1. I had a breadmaker in Tydd but hardly used it. Now though we eat little bread and I hate to put the oven on for less than a big batch. This will enable me to make a loaf every now and then an I will not have half a freezer full.

  4. Ohhhhh, soft and squishy the best kind of parcel to get.

    God bless.

  5. I use my breadmaker all the time and love it, sadly it is so tempting and then wonder why I am finding it so hard to lose weight. A fantastic parcel, congratulations.

    1. The first loaf was amazing but after that door step slice I have reigned in to my normal consumption level, although it is hard to resist.

  6. I, too, use my bread maker frequently. Also enjoy making bread the "old fashioned" way. Love kneading! Great give away you won - congratulations!

    1. I find kneading bread dough to be very relaxing, I let my mind wander where it will. Surprisingly it doesn't gravitate towards food. But sometimes it is going to be great just to chuck everything in the machine and let it go while I am busy.

  7. Congratulations on winning the prize. Those yarns look yummy.
    I absolutely love Tazo Passion Tea. Mix it with lemonade and it's so good. A summer drink for certain.
    I had a bread maker but it didn't like the humidity here. I had some great loafs of Hawaiian sweet bread that did come out of it.
    Maybe for Christmas I'll put a bug in a child's ear, but I'd rather have an Instapot.


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