Sunday 9 July 2017

Another Day, Another Kilo.

So happy to see the scales drop by a Kilo this morning, I have done a bit more walking over the past few days but this 3rd week period often leads to a small gain, or no loss, as your body adjusts to the drop in calories. I can not see the difference except when I dress, some of the "snugger" garments are now a touch more comfortable.

I had a grand day yesterday, lots of garden time with a rest every so often. The Strawberry table is done and a corner fence come windbreak has been built. The path between ours and the next terrace of houses runs is a bit of a wind tunnel. This new structure will serve to break the wind up, give us added privacy and serve as a support for a honeysuckle and a rose. I will have a table there, for pottering and potting, and a seat for knitting and tea drinking.
I am off to get paint later this morning.

I have made a crustless quiche this morning, that will serve as our late breakfast/early lunch for 3 days. Dinners are heavy on salads, although tonight we are having Something with Bubble and Squeak. I had a few old potatoes and a couple of carrots that needed using and half a small cabbage, I cooked those up yesterday and mixed them all together, later I will slice and fry a red onion and add to the mix. I shape mine into little patties and fry in a small amount of coconut oil. I have no idea what we will have with them, possibly a chopped salad with lots of fresh herbs.

Very little knitting has happened, a little crochet on the Snuggly and no sewing at all. I did dive into the deep recesses of the yarn stash and ferret out more acrylic for said Snuggly. The white bag is back to "full to the brim" status, and beyond.

I am keeping this short and sweet this morning, it is getting on and I am impatient to make a start on the day.

                       TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Sounds like that will be a much loved and much used little corner of your garden Pam-x-

  2. Well done on the weight loss. After three weeks the initial enthusiasm often wanes so you're doing so well. It's ages now since I've picked up my crochet hook, I've still got a CAL to finish off, I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually.

  3. Good for you on the weight loss. YOu are staying so strong!

  4. Well done with the weight loss. I have put 2 lbs ON, which is not the name of the game, though I have not been sat around doing nowt (certainly not last week, with the viewing) but as I have been sleeping so badly and up so early, more calories get eaten as when you have breakfast at 5 a.m. or earlier, 12.30 for lunch seems an awful long way away.

  5. Congratulations on you weight loss, well done.

  6. Well done on the Kilo, every little helps, I have a little corner were I like to sit and have my morning cuppa weather permitting, when we do all the building work there will be a few more corners

  7. Well done on the weight loss pam keep up the good work .carole xx


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