Thursday 6 July 2017

Things are changing

My body clock seems to be confused as to where I am in the world. I have started waking up progressively later each morning, then of course I am not ready for bed till later. It is a spiral that I need to snap out of, I like my early morning start particularly in the summer.

Last night after spending over an hour watering all the planters and the thirsty plants I settled down on the sofa. Nothing much on telly so had a look on sky box sets and spotted Deadwood. It is very gritty and quite a bit sweary, I am certain that some of the language used was not common parlance in that time frame.

The ubiquitous Ian McShane was there, this time playing a nasty piece of work, and several other familiar faces that I couldn't put names to.

Anyway, I watched the first two episodes and while I was sat on my btm I picked up the sock that was tormenting me. I was intending to frog it and cast on a new one, but persevered and the first one is almost there.

I used a stitch pattern that I knitted years ago to give a clearly defined ankle section, now I do like that pattern just not in this yarn.

I couldn't find a solid colour that I liked with the greens so heels and toes are in this self patterning drops fabel, left over from another pair.
I have started the toe decreases and will get it off the needles today. I may knit the second sock with a different pattern, they are for me so I don't mind at all, it may start a new trend.

I was pretty much useless yesterday, couldn't settle to anything for more than 30 minutes. I did start to shuffle fabric around and just need to spend another 30 minutes this morning finishing that off.

Ben had the time of his life for a couple of hours late morning, we were at Rufus's house and all 14 dogs from the new neighbours came in as well.

That brings a Dolly Parton song into my mind, They're having a party 2 doors down, I shall be singing that all blasted day now.

Ben absolutely loved it, they are all smaller than him which was a complete change. Rufus looked like a giant among them.

We were there because the SO was fixing a mesh cover over the gate that divides the back yards, there is an access path running behind our row of 4 houses. There was a solid panel but is was causing a problem with the little dogs trying to crawl underneath and Rufus trying to mountaineer over it. Now they can see each other, touch noses and socialise.

Needless to say I didn't get the cardigan fronts cast on, I didn't touch any knitting till the evening. Well that's not entirely true, I did carry it into the garden and then I carried it back.

I have no plans for today other than draw a diagram for a new thing for the garden. The SO has offered to make me a Strawberry table, long enough to hold around 48 plants in double rows, that will free up one of the raised beds for something else.
If I plan this carefully it can sit above a raised bed, giving it some shade and making perfect conditions for salad leaves. Then a raised frame work on the table will allow me to have a net cover keeping lots of insects out of the salad. Not to mention the blasted crows and jackdaws off the berries.

I am off out tomorrow, I will be picking up Chrissie, the one armed bandit, and hopefully paying a visit to Aberglasney. (spell check wants this to read fibreglas!)

It will be a real treat but I must take a hat or the sun will have me prostrate in no time.

I have reduced the stash (oops haven't posted that yet for June) by 700 grams today. No I didn't knit all night, I have sent it, along with a pattern, to my younger sister for her birthday. She is a very talented knitter and a BIG fan of Tennis. That means that she will sit and knit while watching that little ball bounce around for hour after hour after hour. By the end she will have kitted through her stash, or almost.
 Now for June records, not much change really as I was sewing mostly. Just 700 grams out of stash but no additions, so it's not too bad. Although that doesn't seem much so I better check through the blog and see if I forgot to record something.

The clever Tina from Loobylou Yarns (have a look at her website, she has some gorgeous stuff on there) is spinning her Alpaca fleeces and I really really want some, I had some of her handspun and it is amazing to knit with. So I need to shift some more from stash, perhaps I should begin a new crochet project as that grows so much faster than knitting and uses more yarn. Must think on that idea, I have a couple of crochet shawl patterns. On that note I must get my shawl soaked and blocked.
Not quite yet though, a cuppa is overdue.

Oops, nearly forgot. I had a funny day for eating yesterday, I wasn't hungry at all till around 3:00 and had a roll with a slice of crustless quiche, very not Haute Quisine, but altogether yummy. Then of course I was not hungry at dinnertime, well just what my Granny would call "nice hungry" so I had a small(ish) slice of Mississipi Mud Pie, from Lidl. It was disappointing, a very dry biscuit base topped with a bog standard chocolate sponge and then topped with a fluffed up chocolate mousse that was more air than chocolate.

Not a day of great nutrition but not to worry, I did have an apple and grazed on strawberries while in the garden.
I will just put it behind me and move on.

And now for that cuppa, enjoy your day whilst you can, we could have thunderstorms in the UK today.

                     TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. I bet your body clock has gone on holiday with mine then. I am here there and everywhere with sleep at the moment.

    Those socks are very jazzy....I love them-x-

    1. I (fingers crossed) seem to be getting back to normal now, I hate missing my early mornings. I like the colour and I like the pattern just not together.

  2. Did you enjoy Aberglasney? I imagine it looks really lovely there at the moment. We gave ourselves a day off to recover from the work and worries of the house viewing yesterday.

    1. I am just back from Aberglasney, with some plants and heaps of plans. First of which is an apple and pear walk,much smaller than the one I left behind but just as good.

  3. It doesn't help trying to sleep in this humid weather xx

    1. The heat doesn't bother me, it's just the timing that is out of sync.

  4. I like the socks Pam :) My clock is all off. I can't keep my eyes open right after dinner these days and I keep waking up all night. By the time 6:30am rolls around, I'm up but not rested. I'm napping a lot these days, but I'm just rolling with it. Alex is a night owl so we're on different schedules and our meals are all off too. But we do manage to share dinner together, the rest of the day it's just grazing!

    1. Ah, grazing, I could get away with it when I was young but not now.

  5. Love the socks. When I was a drone for the US Govt. we had prescribed socks we were to wear as part of our uniform. Of course with the baggy blue pants and Smurf shirts, who was going to look at our socks? I always tried to find dark socks with colors from the ankle up. Just to make me smile.
    Have a good day.
    I had a friend who was an extra on Deadwood. Just some of the local color but he made a nice penny for just sitting on a chair in a bar. Some days went fast and others just dragged on and on. Depended on the actors.

    1. In my uniform days it was jazzy undies, socks were no good as i wore skirts.

  6. I have found myself sleeping a bit later the past little while. It seems to make me out of sorts and behind in my plans for the day. I don't like it at all.

    God bless.

    1. I want to run to catch up but it never works. I get the same things done but not to my time schedule.

  7. I am a little hit and miss with sleep too. I am impressed with the socks, the colourful heels are a delight. I am in awe of sock knitters, I wish I had that talent.

    1. I was scared of sock knitting till I found out about magic loop.


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