Wednesday 19 July 2017

Thunder and lightening

It's very very frightening......with apologies to the late great Freddie.

There is rain, more of a monsoon really, it is coming straight down. No watering for me for a day or 2 and full water butts. Win Win.

I may be taking Rufus for a swim rather than a walk, if the rain stops that is.

I am happy to report that I have found the missing fabric, so a parcel will be on it's way later today Sheila, I must have picked it up and put it down about 5 times before having the sense to actually open the bag to see what was in it!!

I am still down the dyeing rabbit hole and am happy to stay here for a while.  My next goal is to sell both the quilting frame and the Janome 1600 P with all the extras and make space for a spinning wheel.
I can not stand and quilt without feeling sea sick and dizzy but the sewing cabinet opens out and I am quilting on that. It is a logical plan, I feel, as I am burning to dye fibre and then spin it ready for knitting.

The latest dyeing experiment is looking good, once it has dried I will be posting photos.

I am right on the cusp of having crochet lessons, I can crochet but am self taught. I am not always happy in what I make, sometimes the edges slope a bit and so on. I am excited to learn control and precision. (doesn't that sound a bit Schoolmarmish and prissy)

The torrential rain has eased off a bit now but the thunder is still rumbling around.

I am off to make a brew and think about tonight's dinner. I can get away with toast once, and very nice it was too we just had scrambled eggs in the end. No ideas for tonight, just Iffit's probably, but certainly another light meal.

                      TTFN                                         Pam

I have this tickle in the back of my mind about matching dyed yarn to a project bag, what do you think?


  1. We haven't had the promised rain or thunder storms...yet but it's a lot cooler today and the clouds are thickening up so who knows what we are in for.

    You are so kind to send me some fabric. I will look forward to experimenting with that and then hopefully being able to make the garments I want to make in stretchy fabrics.

    I was watching a lady spinning at Ruby's school fayre the other week. It looked so soothing. Not something I feel I would tackle but fascinating just the same. I look forward to seeing what you do and make.

    Beans on toast here today as I forgot to take anything out of the freezer to cook.

    Have a lovely day-x-

    1. The rain cleared and we had a warm but dull day with intermittent rain and drizzle. I am happy to share the fabric with you, I am so happy to have found it and so annoyed with myself for overlooking it so many times.

  2. Curious to hear about your crochet lessons. I've been tempted to take it up again (I only made one afghan years and years ago), but there is so much I want to knit....

    1. As soon as it is booked and I have had a session I will share all.


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