Tuesday 25 July 2017

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Hopefully next week's appointment will be the last, for a long time if not for good.

Anyhow onto better things, the Gower waistcoat is progressing steadily. I am making this a very cropped 9" side length and will be making the fronts into a v neck. This will be good to slip on over a long sleeved dress or top for that extra layer of warmth, leaving my arms free. I hummed and hahhed about pockets, too short for patch and side seam insertion so am thinking about a little purse type thingy that can have a belt threaded through. Just to carry Poo bags and then it will be perfect for dog walks.

While we are talking about size, yes it does matter, I am happy to tell you that my jeans now pull on and off without being undone. Luckily, due to the shape and construction, I can still wear them. Hopefully not for long.
I put it down to the extra walking as much as what I am (or am not) eating.

The SO is at a loose end so has decided it is the perfect time for a bit of decorating and a small change round.
He is worse than my Mother was for moving furniture about, I wouldn't dare come down in the night without turning the light on as I might end up sitting on the floor, or the coffee table.

I am miffed at missing Knit and Natter but am not going to focus on it.

I need to tell you that the SO has the door off and is doing something very noisy to the hinges. Men and their toys!

There is quite a bit of huffing and puffing and even more deep sighing.
I may be taking refuge in the garden soon, maybe some one else's garden.

The main result of all this upheaval is that I am forced to go through everything properly, not the quick ruffle through that usually happens.
My sister has 2 parcels of yarn on the way to her and there will be a couple of fabric filled ones going off soon.

She likes to make small patchwork items and is fabric poor just now. She has a long trip to get to a good shop so this is a win win situation for both of us. I get space and she gets to sew away.

Ben had a bath this morning and a hair trim and to heap coals on the fire of sufferance and indignities I have some baby powder cologne for dogs. He would probably rather smell of long grass and a few unsavoury things, but not to worry, he will get over it.

I have a hot date with the ironing later, once it has cooled down. I was intending to do it this morning but it was far too hot by the time Ben had been walked and it is still too hot now.

Dinner will be something simple and fast, followed by a raspberry and blueberry crumble, possibly floating in a slick of custard.

In fact that might just be dinner.

Now I am off to enjoy a cuppa before I fetch the doggy towels in.

                      TTFN                                          Pam

PS When I go into preview there are a couple of Photo shop things on the side, can you see them? I have right clicked but can not delete. Any suggestions


  1. I can see a couple of Photobucket things, not Photoshop. Is that what you mean? I don't have a blog, so can't help advise how to remove them, sorry.

    1. Thanks, the misnaming was my slip up. I have managed to get rid of them now.

  2. If you mean PhotoBucket, yes we can. Sorry!

    1. Now dealt with, it just took a bit of thinking.

  3. Hi Pam,
    The photobucket links are still there.
    My husband has spent all day setting up a garden water 'feature' so I commiserate. Well done on the inch loss.

    1. I am going to love the final result, I know.

  4. Good to hear there will not be many more visits to the hospital, long may that last.

  5. Not sure what photo shop things you're talking about. On the right side of the screen, I see two ads from photobucket telling you to update your account and an ad for a secret tote bag swap.

    1. Those ads were not invited, I am an ad free site. I managed to remove them.

  6. It's OK now. The Photobucket thingies have gone.


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