Tuesday 18 July 2017

I have lots to show you and little time to do so, this retirement job is very demanding you know.
I am really pleased with the results of the dyeing session, even more so now that I am knitting with one skein. 
Who for and what? Well, of course it is not for me.

The yarn dyed by the SO, caked up and into the heel shaping on the first sock , just a vanilla pair with his favourite heel. It looks so different in the cake, I am loving knitting it up.

 The "Sunset Boulevard" caked up is very similar but lighter in tone.

Tiger Lily, in her cake form, I love this bright and light one. I may dye a solid or tonal skein to knit up with it into a 2 skein shawl.

This morning I dyed 2 balls of commercial yarn that I bought ages ago, it is 30% wool so new that it would take the dye, but not how.

It dried while I was out and I skeined it up straight off the line, just to get an idea of how it looked. Quite pleased with the colours, they are a bit muted for me but I think that Shoreline is a good name for them.

Caked up they look so much better, these are destined to become a shawl. Maybe for me, maybe for a gift.

I have 3 balls of commercial chunky weight yarn to play with, these have a much higher proportion of wool and are very much of the thick and thin variety. These have been handed over to the SO to play with. He is skeining them on the swift as I type this.

Knit and Natter was a lively affair again, there were a few more of us than last week, obviously we are the noisy ones.

Debs has new yarn in stock, the yarn diet is up the Swanee, I left with the 3 balls to over dye and a pattern and enough yarn to knit it. Photos another day, as I completely forgot and the batteries are on charge.

I am picking Chrissie, aka the one armed bandit, up on Friday and we are going to the quilt exhibition in Llandeilo. There may be lunch. There may be purchases. Only Smarties have the answer.

I am about to scoop Rufus and Ben up for their early evening walk and then it is a simple supper of scrambled eggs and beans on toast.

I had a cook up session yesterday and have meat loaf  and pasta sauce to freeze.
There will also be a watering interlude, possibly before we eat, I am not particularly hungry and the SO is playing with yarn and swift and planning what colours to use.

                       TTFN                                           Pam

I must get some replies up and try to catch up on blog reading. Who needs to sleep?


  1. It's much too hot to sleep, much nicer playing with yarn Pam :)

  2. Ooh pam you are so clever sounds like your having fun.carole xx

    1. very much fun and all a bit of play time.

  3. I'm loving seeing your yarn dying-x-

    1. There's more to come, I can hardly wait for the new stuff to arrive.

  4. WOW the commercial yarn result is beautiful! The other yarn is gorgeous too, I decided to have a go myself simply because I trail through Etsy to look for a colour/shade I have in mind and I either can't find one or it's way above my price range. Like you I do appreciate the hard work dyers put into the many shades, Mothyandthesquid absolutely amazes me with her work and I could spend a years pension at a time but as beautiful as they are a hand dyed skein is a luxury occasionally. Looking forward to seeing more results, enjoy :) x

    1. There are so many wonderful dyers out there and even as much as I love their work I still struggle to find "just the right one". Now I can try to get the exact combination that I want.


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