Monday 24 July 2017

Home again, phew.

Hospital appointment 11:00, arrived at 10:45. Got in to see someone at 11:40. Figures.

Worse is the fact that I have to go back tomorrow and next week, at some as yet unspecified day or time for another round of x rays.

At least I had some knitting time, I was about to say guilt free but I never feel guilty about knitting time, even when I steal it from housework time.
It's my housework and my knitting and I will will do them in what ever order (and amounts) that I like.

The SO's hand painted yarn is now a pair of socks.

Because of the heel that he prefers there is always pooling at the ankle.

I am always surprised at how different each sock turns out.

Even the heel pooling is completely different.

Anyhow, I cast on something new for the hospital. I wanted to use the 3 balls of Pulse that I called Gower, 300 grams of chunky doesn't go far but I didn't want a scarf or hat.

This is the beginning of a cropped waistcoat 149 stitches on a size 5mm circular for as many rows of garter stitch as I feel like doing. Then I will change to 6mm and stocking stitch, apart from 6 stitches on each edge which will remain garter stitch. I will divide at the armholes and decide then whether to shape the front as v neck or round. I will edge the armholes and neck with garter stitch as well. Button holes are not an issue as I will make crochet chain loops and add toggles to the front. Pure laziness, my pattern designing skills only stretch so far. As a child I did this all the time for my dolls and teddies, even getting the shape and row count right for raglan sleeves, without even thinking about it. Now it takes a bit of brain ache and a session of putting pen to paper.

I did pick up a pattern from Debs but used it just for the stitch count and general idea. Mind you the SO wants to dye some chunky yarn for a version for himself. I made the stipulation of no dark colours and no grey whatsoever.
He was happy with that, I am beginning to wonder if he was a Cavalier in a former life.

If the next 2 appointments go down the same route I may have a finished garment in no time at all.

We had the sparky here till almost 7:00, apparently the dipstick who put the new boiler in made several mistakes AND there was some work done at some distant time in the past that was not up to spec and had to be removed and replaced.
Needless to say that the dipstick will be footing the bill for all the work as the lovely sparky has put all the time and parts cost down to the boiler installation. He does know and he is not happy, he also declined to argue. So he's not a complete dipstick.

On that note I am going to persuade the SO that it is his turn to get a brew on and then think about feeding Ben. It is far too hot for a walk yet, we will collect Rufus and go a bit later.

                   TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Please tell me - who is SO?!

    1. He is my live in handy man, who does not wish to share the limelight.

  2. Appointments can be so boring especially if they are running late so I'm glad you have your knitting to keep you company.
    The Gower is going to look so pretty-x-

    1. I love it, I should have dyed at least 10 skeins but there were only the three.

  3. I always have a small projects in my bag for hospital appointments with Gerard, who knows how long we are going to be there. Thrilled to hear that you don't have to foot the bill for someone else's mistakes.

    1. I usually have some knitting with me at all times. There was no chance of me paying the bill as soon as the sparkie found the fault.

  4. I had the same problem with my electric a few months back. The tumble drier in the garage had blown up so although I turned off all sockets in the house, the electricity still wouldn't come on! Luckily my BF knows electrics.



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