Tuesday 11 July 2017

Worms on the stairs

At least that is what I saw. 
I was on my way up to have a shower, quite early this morning, and in my defence it was a murky grey morning and I hadn't put the light on.
There, halfway up the stairs, was a worm.

I got close enough to pick it up and it wasn't a worm at all.

Any guesses?

Yup, all you yarny people  out there will know exactly what I was about, very gingerly, to pick up. The offending article was in fact a short tail end of yarn, obviously the trimming off my sock heel or toe from last night, that had been carried part way up before falling off my skirt or shoe.

Panic over.

I am feeling much more myself this morning, which is just the job as it is of course Knit and Natter day.

I did manage 2 short walks with Ben but had to lie down for a little while in the afternoon. That turned into a deep sleep for around an hour and a half.

Dinner was a quick stir fry with some fresh fruit for pudding, grapes and cherries to be precise.
The grapes were lovely but the cherries, although juicy, were bland and almost tasteless. I should know better then to buy them out of season.

We had a nice overnight rain and the forecast is for much more during the day, followed by a few more hot days.

I have had a little change round on my kitchen shelves, a few things that I have not used in a long while have gone to the CS pile. Some pretty china that I have not been using, as it was tucked away, is now out and handy to use.

The SO has solved along term issue in the bathroom, Toilet Roll storage. I pick up a large pack every now and then, and if it on special offer get two. Then I have the problem of where to keep it.
The tumble dryer is in the bathroom and it used to sit there. Now though I have a basket full of Ben's towels, shampoo, ear and eye wipes etc. etc. etc.
I was flicking through You Tube a few mornings ago and paused on one of those "tidy up and make your life wonderful" channels. The vacuous woman was enthusing about storage in her "small downstairs powder room" as opposed to one of the THREE upstairs bathrooms!!

BUT she had put a shelf over the powder room (he he) door to store toilet rolls and other small items.


Just the thing, but our doors are very tall and I am not. I don't want a set of steps in the bathroom or anything else to stand on.

Compromise time.

There is now a floating shelf over the toilet. High enough that nobody will crack their head and low enough that I can reach it.

It is not huge but will easily hold 32 rolls. Result.

Now, of course,I will be casting my eagle eyes over the rest of the house. Any problem areas will get dealt with, just as I have done with the corner shelves in the kitchen. 

That's all for now, I am in dire need of a cuppa.

                  TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Sounds like a great storage solution.

  2. I have the same problem trying to find room to store toilet paper. I do have a cupboard in the bathroom now that holds 24 rolls, but if I buy more I have to store it downstairs. That is one thing I do not want to run out of ever.

    God bless.

  3. Glad you are feeling better today.

    Good idea for the loo roll storage. I will lose my current storage when the shower is taken out so I might have to try that idea-x-


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