Friday 14 July 2017

More Drops

Just a quickie as I am back from more pulling , pushing and prodding, (doesn't that sound a bit like a scene from Call the Midwife). 
I am of course referring to my ears!
The result is... more drops and return in 4 weeks. DUH.

There has also been a visit to get even more Drops, of the woolly variety. I am right out of solid colours for heels and toes ( apart from the 4 skeins that are earmarked for a cardie) so the diet is down the pan for today.
A quick trip to Wool Warehouse and an order is in for Drops Fabel in several solids and a print or two. I needed to get the value up to free shipping so had a quick trip through the clearance section and found a fairly bright 100 gm ball. I will share them once they have landed.
There are more socks to show and my Cardigan is almost at the finish post as well.
I couldn't keep the camera steady enough to get a decent shot today bur asap I will post some pics.

I missed out on my day with Chrissie but there is another week not touched yet just around the corner.

I rather fancy that this weekend will be very quiet, I have a very small shopping list, and most of that can wait, the SO plans on grass cutting and painting. We are having Rufus for the weekend so there will be extra walks and more than likely lots of knitting. I need a day in the sewing room, I have some fabric to send off and I need to set up a "search and rescue mission" to locate it. It is in there, I distinctly remember putting it on the cabinet ready. I also remember moving it while taking some photo's, the trouble is I can not remember where I moved it to.
I was rootling through ALL the boxes of fabric at the time, soooo they will all have to be emptied and searched.
Sounds easy right? WRONG, they are under and behind the quilting frame. Getting them out requires some serious wriggling under the frame, and then grabbing a box and scuttling out backwards on my belly. It is not a pretty sight.

It is better than it was as I have sewed my way through 2 boxes so far this year. It will get even better as I have decided to make a couple of quilts in September.

That's all I can manage today, see you soon.

                    TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Eeeew...ear drops make me go all funny.
    I hope yours do the trick.
    A quiet weekend sounds just the ticket-x-

  2. Had to laugh at the image of you crawling about on your belly, Pam! Hope you find what you're looking's annoying when you've mislaid something isn't it?

  3. You should always keep some eye/ear drops at home as part of a first aid kit. These drops calm irritaded eyes/ears and even kill pain. Only if this doesn't help, should a visit to the doctor be considered.

  4. Have a nice weekend, taking walks in hopefully nice weather, enjoying the flowers and enjoy your knitting time.

  5. Hoping your ears are back to normal soon! That can be a horrible feeling. Looking forward to seeing your new yarn purchases and you reminded me I need some BRIGHT solids for heels and toes. Off to look at KnitPicks!

  6. Love the drops linky! I have developed tinnitus over the last year and I tried drops but they didn't work. Distraction is the best technique for me. You have sewn through a fair amount this year Pam. Look forward to your quilt endeavors. Jo x


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