Monday 17 July 2017

Woolly Reveal

Here is my diet busting yarn shopping. I put all the blame on the SO. Remember the green socks that I really did not like?Well the SO loved them even though they were shorties. That led to this,

A 50 gm pair of striped shorties to wear with trainers. A very quick knit but I did have to lay my cardigan to one side!

I also remembered that I had no solid colours for heels and toes, a quick shopping trip and 24 hours later these arrived.

400 grams of solids, these will either tone or clash depending on how the SO is feeling.

After a few moments surfing through the sock yarns he spotted this colourway, on being asked as to whether they should be short or long his response was YES, so 150 grams.

Then a ball of this to make it up to free shipping, cheap is good, free is best.

Then I fancied some "in your face colours" after a couple of hours searching, lots of  " how blooming much?" and  "not on your Nellie". We had a little chat about what we would afford as opposed to what we could afford.
 I have to say here that I do understand the time and cost of materials involved, I have bought from several Indie dyers in the past and loved what I got.
We decided to buy a starter dye kit and 3 skeins of yarn and then just play.

This is the product of our playtime, the middle skein was dyed by the SO, I will be balling this later on and casting on a pair of socks.

The other two I have named Tiger Lily and Sunset Boulevard, I love them and loved the process.

The dyes that I tried were food safe so I "cooked" them in the microwave. If I decide to carry on with that using acid dyes I will be buying another microwave solely to dye with.

So much did I love it that an order for more yarn happened, lots more. An order for acid dyes has also been placed. All I need to  find now is a large stainless steel pan for steaming and immersion dyeing. I did like the painting though and this can be set in the microwave or steamed. 

Oh, and of course another day or two in each week to indulge this new hobby/addiction.

It is time for some lunch, there are rumbles coming from the deep.

Ooooh, that leads nicely into my weight loss this week, which is NIL. 

There has been no gain either, I blame no one but myself. I had a couple of days with the poking about in my ears, that led to not wanting to cook or eat a meal, so I grazed, not on rubbish, but did manage to eat more carbs than I should have.
For the next few weeks I will be walking Rufus, this will be an extra walk, so am hoping that this will help.
My lovely neighbour Will, who is owned by Rufus, has a cast on his right foot, from toes to just under knee height. I am only to glad to walk Rufus, and he doesn't mind either.

On that I am off to find some lunch.

                      TTFN                                    Pam


  1. That is some serious eye candy. All those beautiful colours....can't wait to see them knitted up.

    If you find another couple of days in the week could you send some my way so that I can get started on my cardmaking

    1. Still looking for those extra days, if I am successful I will pop a few in the post.

  2. Oh wow! Love your dyed yarn - turned out gorgeous!!

    1. The first pair of socks are well on the way and the other 2 cakes will probably become a shawl.

  3. As SO I have learnt to shoulder all the blame but of course I'm happy to do so.( otherwise I lose out on the socks and stuff)

    1. That's your job (and privilege) and you excel at it.

  4. Your dyed yarn is amazing! I love the middle one as well. Such a sweater from that lot and you'd never be lost in a crowd.
    Hope your ears are getting sorted out and you feel better soon.
    (I had a steroid shot in my shoulder tendon and it did nothing to lower the pain in the joint, hence pain meds and ice)

    1. I am thinking of a set of 4 or 5 skeins to make a "find your fade" style cardigan.
      I have abandoned all hope of the ear thing being resolved, any progress will be a bonus.

  5. Something that I am going to experiment with (dyeing yarn) once I have made this little cottage home. Love the beautiful array of colour. Hope your ear is settling a little.

    1. It is great fun, I can be as loud and in your face as I want.

  6. Love the way your skeins turned out, have you tried using koolaid? I bought some a while ago to try but haven't found the time yet. Have a look in charity shops and flea markets for the old jam asking pan. I bought one for about a fiver a couple of years ago from a CS and have used it several times with no problems. Enjoy your week. X

    1. I haven't tried it as yet but the germ of an idea is there.


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