Sunday 2 July 2017

The Only Way is Down.

Down down,.deeper and down.

I have the pleasure to announce that the scales have shown a loss of 4 kg in total. I haven't taken measurements yet as it is a bit too soon,that will be next Sunday, providing there is a further landslide drop in weight.

I watched the last four episodes of Mount Pleasant over the past 2 nights. It is a series that I enjoyed but in small doses and to help keep the momentum of this weight loss I have 2 sheets of paper on my fridge door.
One has the name LISA in big black capitals on it.
The other has the name Pauline in delicate red capitals on it.

Do not be deceived, I think that Sally Lindsay is an attractive woman and I also think that Paula Wilcox is a bit too skinny. So in the gap between the 2 sheets of paper there is a golden star, that is where I want to be.

I was 80 Kg and am aiming for 70, then after a rest I will push for a further 5 Kg loss as 65 will see me at a comfortable weight, I think.
If, however, I feel that I start to look too thin, or feel in any way ill, I will reign back and reconsider.

I heard on the news yesterday that children as young as 4 years old are being treated for eating disorders.
You can not force  feed a child but there are ways of hiding calories in small amounts of food.
You can however deprive a small child of food, both in the size of meals (or the absence altogether) or by going down the low fat and carbs route. That has been reported in parts of the US I seem to remember from news bulletins, but it is not the norm.

Just as the severely obese who become house bound and bedridden can not and do not shop and cook for themselves. Some person is at fault and that person is responsible for their actions.

The SO is still sleeping so I have no weight for him as yet. I think that he may be in for a reality check. He has had a few "Chocywokydoda" moments this week and a bit of a pig out last night. 
That is his prerogative, I am serious in my journey, I have to be.

On a different note, my shawl is coming along. I am still on edge over the yarn usage though. I have 13 more rows and the cast off left and 38gs of yarn, I think that I will be adding a few rows to the final garter stitch section. I will be checking on Ravelry before knitting any more, I really do not want to play yarn chicken.

The day has dawned bright and sunny, so I will be answering the siren call of the garden again today.
There is a car boot sale just through Pontardawe and I may go and have a look, then again I may not.

Ben is still gone with the fairies, as is the SO, lazy pair! I will be clattering around shortly and will make sure to dislodge them both.
Right now I am just enjoying the peace and solitude.

By the way, I found a way to dim any food cravings yesterday. At around 11 in the morning I sat down with a cuppa and had the "I need a biscuit" thought. Instead I turned on the laptop and logged onto Facebook,  an hour later I had responded to messages, sent a few more off, laughed at some posts and drooled over fabric and yarn. Most importantly all thoughts of food had gone without trace. I did have a small bowl of the rice salad, that's finished now, another hour later.

Today will be more of the same, I do not want to fall down the rabbit hole of  "I've had a good week so I'll treat myself to ???? today".  
That is the way to undo the good work in one fell swoop.

Now I am off to get the kettle on for my second cuppa of the day.

                   TTFN                                                Pam


  1. wow, well done, 4kg is fab. go you,

    1. I am a teensy bit smug, but am remembering the saying "pride goes before a fall" or maybe a rise in weight.

  2. 4 kg, wow, well done Pam - both on the weight loss and your continuing determination. Enjoy your day.

    1. I must do this, my heart needs it and I am determined to succeed.

  3. Wow, congratulations on your weight loss well done.

    1. The next few weeks will be harder as the loss will slow down now.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss, well done.

  5. I also need to lose weight as out of the blue in December I had a heart attack and ended up with one stent I would appreciate a few pointers as to what your eating x


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