Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Butterfly Effect

All I did was mention that the skirting board needed painting and BOOM a forest fell in a hurricane.

The sitting room is empty. There is a sofa by the front door, another in the sewing room and a positive "after the storm" appearance everywhere.

Teetering piles of random things, mostly embellished with project bags of knitting either in progress or in waiting.

Francesca's bed has vanished beneath throws and cushions, not to mention the contents of the tall china display cabinet plus the glass shelves of said cabinet.

Skirting is now pristine in it's new coat of brilliant white, 3 walls have had the first coat of paint. 

The fourth is under discussion, contrast paint, feature wall paper, hessian and so on and on.

New carpet has been selected so time is of the essence here.

Add in the latest addition of " I would like to have some wood on that wall" and you may understand the title.

How far will the ripples spread?

Will there be a heat wave in Alaska?

How would the Kilchers cope?

Will snow fall in Vegas?

What would Danny AKA The Count make of that?

Enough of such squit and nonsense.

Back to real life. 

Today I will mainly be hiding in the kitchen, baking and ironing, chopping and slicing goodness knows what for dinner and making trifle to soothe the sore throat that is inevitable after the amount of talking I will be doing. Talking to the wall that is, who remembers Shirley Valentine then?

Please understand that my tongue is firmly in my cheek on this matter. There is no need to throw any bricks at me, the SO reads this, he is leaning over my shoulder and laughing right now.

However there is a grain of truth there, if it was still sunny I wouldn't give a fig. I could be out in the garden busy dead heading the flowers in my window boxes and planters.

I am a duffer at decorating, good enough for me but the SO is a perfectionist. I may be allowed to clean the brushes and rollers but they will be inspected, thoroughly.

The cropped waistcoat is coming to life, I am half way up the left front shaping. I am writing every row down as I need to replicate it on the other front and the back.

By the way, the SO has offered to make me some toggles out of dowelling, he is a handy chap to have around.

I have just been presented with a coffee and a "what time did you say you were going to start in the kitchen". That's my cue to give him the space to get busy.

So me and my coffee are off to our allotted space, see you on the other side.

                          TTFN                                      Pam

PS The nails are s l o w l y looking better, well they were till I ripped 2 almost down to the quick yesterday. I must be more careful when in the garden.

PPS. I forgot to say that another Kilo has slithered off, mostly from my hips. My measurements seem to be reducing faster than the weight, it must be the walking building muscles in my legs. 


  1. I can't wait to be in the same state....decorating our lounge....but it just isn't worth doing until we have had a new woodburner in as the chimney breast will be ripped out.
    I think we will be going through this winter without the woodburner so the decorating won't be happening anytime soon.
    Hope everything goes to plan for you-x-

    1. Just about to pass the finish line, just the last few odd bits and it's done.

  2. I am the Decorator in this house. Keith hates it and if he gets landed with it, is very slapdash, hence I have taken over from him. I've been painting the half timbered wall down in what was my mum's old flat. I got very cross with all the careful cutting in towards the end, so have another 6 panels to do tomorrow, and the sink wall.

    Well done on the weight loss, and you will be delighted with the redecorating at yours when it is all finished.

    1. My Mum did all the decorating after dad hung half the wallpaper upside down, every other strip! I thought she was going to kill him.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. Sounds like chaos on the decorating front, I do know that feeling well my advice would be keep out of the way and enjoy your knitting.

    1. I managed to avoid most of it all I did was supervise the replacement of everything.

  4. It does snow in Vegas. In December. Right now it's monsoons and street flooding.
    Creating havoc at the airport and those hotels with underground parking, have lakes.

    1. It was a very unplanned comment, I should have researched it.

  5. One winter, in the 70's, when the snow was up to our armpits in lovely Alberta, Canada we decided to go to Vegas for a sunny, warm break. Yes, you guessed right, it snowed in Vegas!!! Just saying, lol. You seem to be up to your armpits in chaos and decorating!! It will be so nice and fresh when you're finished.

    1. It snowed in Sydney in Australia when my brother was there and the shops and offices emptied as people rushed out to see it. For most it was the first time they had seen any.


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