Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lazy,who me?

It has been a wonderful day, between us Francesca and I have changed the beds, done the laundry and the ironing, and hoovered through. We did not dust as with all the doors and windows opened I am hoping that the through breeze did that job for us, not joking!

I had some sausages RTC and quite a few eggs so Scotch Eggs and salad for dinner, and I have a piece of RTC Brisket to put in the smoker for tomorrow.

The rest of today has included several glasses of chilled lemon, more than a few cups of tea and a very juicy mango for my lunch, dressed up with some black grapes and strawberries. Lush.

There has been a bit of reading, a moment or two of dozing, about 20 minutes or so cutting back a few thuggish plants. Then there was a big chunk of  Lewis, one that I recorded during the week. I enjoyed Morse and read all the books but Lewis has grown on me.
I do like Kevin Whately, he has a gently crumpled lived in face. Lawrence Fox has a long intense sort of face, not handsome or even good looking, interesting is the best word that I can call to mind.. He reminds me of the lead singer in Cold Play.

Following that there was a bit more reading and some nodding off along with moving my seat around the garden to keep out of the sun.

I did put my new  fabric away, I will show you another day, it was just not a day for picture taking, plus my batteries need charging.

I am at work tonight, I will not be sorry when this month is over, we have some new people starting their training next week and that will take two to three weeks.

I have to go now I need to find the energy to drink the tea that Francesca just made.

Lazy, who me?                 TTFN   Pam

OOPS, I am working so hard I forgot my list

Reasons to be grateful

1. Francesca's marvelous tea making skills

2. The shady spots in my garden.

3. Francesca's Ironing skills.

4. Bertie still with us, although snoozing most of the day.

5. The roses that scent the garden.

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