Wednesday 3 July 2013

No Go Shopping at Mr T and sad times approaching.

Well I am going to pass on my £6 voucher, I have not done an online shop for ages and it took me ages to get 10 items on my list, there were no decent offers on anything that I wanted and the cheapest delivery was £3.50, more than half the value of my voucher!

I thought that it would save time and effort but with hindsight realised that I still need to shop for fruit and veg, milk and cheese etc and no shop assistant is selecting any of that for me.

I go to the local market on Fridays and we have a pensioner in the village who grows and sells all sorts of produce, added to what I grow myself there is nothing left to buy online.

I make all our bread, cakes and biscuits and now that I am making my own buttermilk, yoghurt and ricotta another gap appears in my shopping list.

I do buy tinned baked beans, chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn and tomato puree but can not store £60 worth of these, I also buy tinned chickpeas and other beans but have decided to invest in a pressure cooker and cook from dried.
Not just for economy but for portion control, for 3 of us 1 tin of chickpeas is not enough and 2 is too much but hey, guess what, when I open 2 tins we eat them all.

I usually buy my bread flour from Mr T but when I was in Asda with Francesca I noticed that it was much cheaper there so bought 10 bags and the dried yeast to go with them.

I was at work last night and as luck would have it I had to go outside several times and boy was it raining, I borrowed a waterproof hi-viz jacket from one of the drivers and looked like Orphan Annie. The sleeves were about 6 inches below my fingertips and the hip pockets were near my knees, a visiting driver was cheeky enough to ask if I had shrunk in the rain.

Dinner tonight is some Gloucestershire Old Spot sausages and they were a treat at £3.50 for 500g, but I did buy 6 assorted packs and got 2 free packs. We will have new potatoes and a selection of veg and onion gravy.

There is a big pot of Bolognese type sauce simmering away and that will be prtione up and frozen for future meals, I put it into Lasagne, on pasta or rice , into a big Yorkshire Pudding or Baked Potato and even into a pie as the mood strikes me.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The rain for watering my garden.

2. My empty laundry basket.

3. The lovely reader who is sending me some scrap fabrics.

4. The punnet of gooseberries given to me when walking Ben.

5. The Michael Connelly book that has me riveted right now.

Bertie is not too good today, he has a lot of small and medium growths and one on the side of his face is bothering him. He has nagged at it all day so far and it is bleeding, I have spoken to Francesca and she will have to make a decision tonight. Bertie is really her dog and the call is hers to make.
We have said for some time now that while he is OK in himself we will keep him going.
That point has now been passed. It is a sad thought but he has had a good life and been loved and looked after, in some ways our lives revolve around his needs.

I have made myself teary over this so it is     TTFN    Pam


  1. Oh poor Pam! I am so sorry to hear about Bertie.Its the thing every pet owner dreads isnt it? I am thinking of you and sending you bloggy hugs XX

  2. It's a horrible decision to make, always sad. Hugs from Suffolk too.

  3. No one ever wants to make such a terrible decision, sending you some hugs from me and Jake. I'm sure you will do the very best thing for Bertie even if it breaks your heart. Xx

  4. I usually reply separately to each comment but today I have to make an exception, I can write this only the one time.
    Bertie has "only" been a part of my life for 4 years but he is truly in my heart. He is an adorable little character and loves to be the center of attention. He is a stickler for his routine until you need to stick to it and then he procrastinates and maybe needs to do 1 more turn round the garden. I have been here with several dogs over the years and know how heart wrenching it is. Bertie is Francesca's first dog and a link back to her mother a double whammy for her to bear. I will keep you posted.Many thanks for the hugs and thoughts. Pam

  5. So sorry to hear about Bertie. It is a very hard decision to have to make, I know because I have been there and I could still cry every time I think about it. Sending you all hugs and hoping it goes as well as it can xx

  6. So sorry to hear your sad news Pam - I've been there and it does still hurt 6 months on - Hugs from me to you and Francesca xxx

  7. Heartfelt hugs to you, Pam. You know any decision will be taken with love. Lynne xxx

  8. Hugs to you all. A rotten decision to have to make, but Bertie has made a Bertie shaped place in your hearts where he will always be. Thinking of you all. XXX

  9. We always have a rule with our dogs.
    Are they eating?
    Can they go outside to the toilet themselves?
    What is their quality of life? Are they enjoying it?
    Are they in pain/suffering?
    It's always awful, awful, awful but I'm so glad we can stop them suffering when we need to unlike in humans.

  10. Once again I will reply to all in one fell swoop. Bertie nagged at the raw place on his face all day and it bled profusely. It is obviously irritating him, animals react to pain quite differently to people, mostly they sleep. Bertie is old so he sleeps a lot anyway, he is beside me snoring gently now, he still eats and takes himself outside. His general demeanor has altered, he does not want to be touched much and will not have his face looked at, it is difficult to pin point the changes but it is plain that things have gone wrong. It is Francesca's decision to make but I had some plain words for her last night and she will have to make that choice soon. I thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear this news, it's really heartwrenching when we have to make that final decision about our pets. They really do become one of the family and capture our hearts so the decision is so hard to make. I know that whatever you do will be in Bertie's best interests. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


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