Saturday 27 July 2013

A Quilt Is On The Way,and other delights.

A wonderful start to the day.
The postie was early today and brought me some pretties.

The vintage sheet fat quarters that I won from Sharon. Beautifully soft and perfect for a Baby Quilt so if anyone is expecting a new addition and would like a bespoke quilt you know where to come.

I asked for scraps of fabric a while ago as mine were getting "samey" and Frugally Challenged answered my plea.

Some new colours and prints for me to have fun with, and check out the pile on the right.

A tidy stack of fussy cut Christmas fabric, I will be turning these into a present for me, a Tablecloth with these on a red background I think. I would love to use white but could not boil wash and so will go for red.

I have been thinking about someone for a little while who is going through  a period of worry, there is nothing that anyone can do to help really, it is just a matter of waiting for the situation to be dealt with accordingly.
Now all that can be given is hugs and good wishes, you may have gathered that my version of a hug is quilt shaped. I had a look through my stash and started like this.

20 blocks will make a nice sized quilt and I decided on a log cabin type block, for a few reasons, I like order and so does the recipient, also the fabric is the feature not a fancy pants design that is convoluted and "showy". This does have it's place but this quilt is about comfort and safety and that calls for simple and ordered, in my mind anyway.

I chain piece these to cut down on fabric and thread waste then cut and trim to size.

This is how it looks now, I have to "hands up" to more haste less speed and if you look at the front block you will see that I have to do a little unpicking! It will not take long and I will have another sewing session later. I want this quilt finished by Friday so that I can deliver it.

My only problem is that the recipient does not know about this and I am not sure what their reaction may be.
How would you feel if it were you, would you think it an imposition or be embarrassed, would you accept that from me it is a normal gesture as a bunch of flowers would be from a keen gardener. I would appreciate some feedback on this, the last thing I want to do is make somebody uncomfortable.

Reasons to be grateful

1. My new fabrics to drool over.

2. Early morning tea in bed.

3. The smell of bacon ( Michael s breakfast)

4. Another mug of tea mmmmmm

5. Slobbing on the sofa with Francesca watching the Big Bang valentines episode.' drinking............TEA.

That's it for now, please give me some feedback on my quilt conundrum. TTFN   Pam


  1. I can't imagine there is anyone, anywhere who wouldn't appreciate something handmade with love and care.

  2. I would accept a handmade gift with pleasure and treasure it for the work and care in it. In times of stress and worry a gift like this quilt would feel exactly like a good warm hug.
    Not sure if this is helpful, but it IS what I think.

  3. I think your quilt shows just how much thought you have for your friend - to me a bunch flowers equates to a quick thought and a nip to the local florist - a quilt shows all the thought you've put in - to the colours, the fabric and the time spent making it - that equates to a lot of thought and lovely gesture xxx
    P.S. you are very clever too - wish I could do it (patchwork)!!

  4. Glad to see the stuff arrived OK. What does "fussy cut mean"? I've heard it before but not known exactly what it meant, still less that I was doing it! The squares featured on my last year's Christmas cards.

    1. Fussy cut just means that you cut the square or other shape with something in the center. I use it when I make square blocks and use the same square in the middle of each block.


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