Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Coat of Many Colours for Tehlula the Toyota.

I have been sewing my scraps together and when I had a decent sized piece of material I decided to treat the Toyota to a cover. The one she came with was really past it, more holey than righteous, if you get my drift.

So I did a rough bit of measuring and got this.
and this

 I should have said these.

I used some scraps of wadding and a piece of creamy yellow material left over from a commissioned quilt, so all free.

Not bad, and the other side

Not forgetting the side view.

All fine and dandy but what about the inside.

Yeugh, raw edges no no no. All that fluff clogging up the works.

Much better, neat and tidy, no raw edges and no fluff.

A trim little bottom, well we all want one of those.
Job Done.

I did not make a gap for the carry handle to pop through, I do not want anywhere for the dust to get in, if I need to move her around I just lift her up from the bottom.

I am undecided as to whether to make a pocket and attach to hold the foot pedal and plug, or whether to make a little bag to do the job. I will think about it...............................OK I have thunk and a pocket it will be, that way they will stay together, I will put a fastener on the pocket to keep it closed. Tomorrows job I feel.
Tonight's dinner is a mish mash, I want to include lots of veg, I will steam them. I have chicken left over from Sunday,

 I forgot to tell you, I went  to Asda on Sunday morning with Francesca and they had Banham Poultry chickens. I know the company and their produce is really good, I found a 1.5Kg bird for the princely  sum of £2.30 it was yellow stickered of course. It was succulent and tasty, very very tasty.....sorry I couldn't resist.
BTW no one asked me to sing Banham Poultry's praises, I have always bought their chicken when I see it. I used to work in the chicken industry. Nuff said.

Any way back to tonight, I rootled through the freezer and found some smoked duck and some garlic sausage, extra strong of course, and in the fridge I have some Chorizo.  So it will be cold meats and steamed veg drizzled with garlic sauce, I also have some smoked garlic puree in the fridge and I will put a good squeeze of lemon juice in to give it a lift.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A cooler day so I can get some chores done without melting.

2. Seeing the little Terrier from 3 doors down chasing his tail in excitement while his owner tried to get a lead on him.

3. The butterflies smothering one of my elder trees.

4. The big patch of wild poppies that brighten the footpath where I walk Ben.

5. Just being here, now and happy with my lot.

BTW no. 5 does not apply every day, if it did it would be unreal. I believe that we all have off days and bad hair days, some more than others. My way of pushing through is to either take Ben for a good ramble, do some creative sewing or immerse myself in a book with radio 2 playing in the background.

Now I have to get a shopping list together, Mr T has sent me a voucher for £12 off a £60 pound shop. He will be delivering a stock up shop of all the heavy and bulky things like tins of beans and tomatoes and loo rolls and kitchen rolls, I will stock up on flour as well and that will save me a journey and stop my arms from being wrenched out of their sockets hauling a massive trolley round the shop. Not to mention lifting it on and off the belt and then out of the trolley into the car and then out of the car into the house. Whew I feel a lie down coming on to get over all that hard work.   TTFN     Pam


  1. OMG, when I read you were making a cover for your Toyota, I thought why on earth is she making a patchwork cover for her CAR!!! ( We are a 2 car (Toyota's) household). Good thing I read on. It turned out really nice, and a lot less work than I initially thought you would be doing!! Glad to read that you are having some good days and seem to be happy (not sure that is the right word) with ome of your recent decisions.

    1. time marches on and I will not waste a minute of it on regrets and second guessing. Some days are good some not so, we are working at it, who knows what the outcome will be.
      I did see a car wrapped in patchwork in the newspaper ages ago, it was a promotional gimmick I think.

  2. Hi,
    I can't use a machine but your cover, indeed, all your projects are very good. I do admire them, should have paid more attention in sewing class at school!
    I love getting out with the dog too.
    Much love
    Fib. X

    1. Thank you very much, I do not aim for perfection, just to enjoy the process and the finished item. I do not like raw edges, I never buy clothes until I have turned them inside out and checked the workmanship.
      If we have sustained bad weather I just wrap up in waterproofs and slap a rain proof coat on Ben and off we go, we would both get cabin fever otherwise.

  3. I have to laugh; I assumed Tallulah the Toyota was a car! I imagined her cover was a car seat! We bought a new to us car in April and seeing as my DH had plans for colour co-ordinated steering wheel cover (needed) and gearstick knob (not!), I couldn't resist winding him up about making flowery seat covers. I even have some Sanderson Chelsea fabric ready. This has been going on for ages and your Toyota seat cover was to be my latest round of ammo! Ah well, it's beautiful, anyway! (And the truth is, floral seat covers will never happen because I can't be bothered to actually do it.)

    1. It never crossed my mind that Toyota's are cars as well, possibly as I have never owned or driven one. I worked for a large car dealership for a few years and there are not too many cars that I have not driven, I think the best was an elderly Bentley, leather and walnut interior, absolutely pristine, I wore driving gloves so as not to leave finger prints on the steering wheel.

    2. I'd really love a pale blue Morris Traveller; can you imagine pink rose chintz seat covers in that! As it is, it's a silver Skoda Fabia; very nice too but...sigh...pale blue...chintz; a girl can dream!

    3. I would agree on the Traveller, one of my neighbours has a white one drool. But it would have to be duck egg blue for me and Cotton Blossom in any colour from Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille.

  4. Had a read on your blog. Love the patchwork. Can I ask - why copy paper with the fabric scraps? Can you explain what you do please?

  5. I used the paper piecing method to keep to a set size. I cut standard sheets of copier paper (rejects from work) in half lengthways and started in the middle. I picked 2 random scraps that were wide enough to go across the paper with a little over hang, I put them right side together and sewed them together using about a 3/8" seam through the paper. I then pressed to set the seam and lifted the top scrap up and pressed again. Then selected another scrap lined it up right sides together along the edge and sewed together. It is a very good way to use up scraps and make something unique. I will be making some more tomorrow and will do a blog post with photos.

    1. I am a visual learner - look forward to seeing the post.


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