Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tasty Tuesday Treats

It is official, I have got to get this weight off!  I do not intend to starve! I do not intend to spend pounds to lose pounds! I am not going to live on juice for yonks! no matter how tasty it is, I need my fibre ( no explanations needed!)

I have been reading about the Channel 5 program on the Australian Man  who drove a juicer around America. Not literally but you know what I mean. We have a juicer and use it at times and will continue to do so.

I am cutting meat and solid dairy products out totally, that will hurt I love cheese. We use either skimmed or 1% milk so that will stay. I eat a wide range of fruit and veg and will increase that, oh and before I forget I am going to reduce the amount of bread that I eat as well. The carbs in my meals will be wholewheat pasta, brown rice and pulses, these will also give me protein.

Francesca will continue to eat as normal, Michael will eat much the same as me with the addition of meat and cheese, at 5. 10" and a 32" waist ( nearer 30" really) he has no worries. Considering that he is sitting beside me munching through a large bag of m&m,s and started his day with a KitKat Chunky he should be a roly poly!

Dinner today is this.

Kidney beans, chick peas,garden peas just blanched. Carrots, celery, and onion cooked under yesterday's bacon chops in value cider and some "warm" spices.
I have made a simple salad dressing to pour over. Michael will have this with his.

That is not skin on the top slice but the residue from the garlic and lemon butter that I pushed under the
breast skin before cooking on Sunday.

I picked up 2 of these at the Co op and we will have 1 today with some of these.

They were in a value bag and cost 20p each.

When the chickens came out of the oven on Sunday, I popped a tray of broken up bread crusts in to dry in the residual heat.

Combined with this.

I got this for my store cupboard .

I use breadcrumbs in a few recipes but would not dream of buying them.

Reasons to be grateful

1. My garden brightened up by last nights rain.

2. The sounds of the birds chirruping to each other.

3. Having Francesca at home for the day.

4. A pile of books from the Library to keep me entertained.

5. An unexpected night off work tonight.

I have a frugal foodie post for tomorrow and now I am going to press a heap of fabric scraps and play with my Toyota.
If any of you are following the "juice" diet let me know what you are juicing, what it tastes like and how you are getting on with it. I am very nosey interested.

here we go again,

And now the time has come                  TTFN      Pam.

PS I did like Sinatra and still listen to him but not " that song" .


  1. everyone has had rain except us - Aaaaagh

  2. I know how frustrating it is, when my parents were alive and living in North Norfolk I went to see them at least fortnightly. Many times it would be fouring down and I thought how much my garden would be sucking it up, only to get as far as Lynn on the way home to find it still arid.

  3. You go girl! Keep us up to date with your progress. I watched the programme on youtube last year and started with all good intentions, but juicing is a faff. But good for you, so I just do it when I feel like now and again. And yes, dairy and sugars is the way to go to be cutting things out. Good luck!

  4. Sue and her LH over at 'Our New Life in the Country' have just started the juicing diet. Anxious to see how you do with your more 'sensible' (in my opinion) approach. Nice to have an unexpected night off work!

  5. I've not tried the juice diet, but am still losing a little every week by eating much smaller portions.
    Just out of interest how do you store your breadcrumbs? I broke my screw topped jar a few weeks ago and the last lot I made went mouldy when I stored them in a plastic container:-(

  6. I have replied to everyone by email, I realised that many of the comments I leave are replied via email and it saves having to trawl back to see if I got a reply. If you are a no reply blogger i will reply here. Pam


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