Sunday 14 July 2013

A Bad Start to My Day,

What a day I had yesterday. There was a "drive sale" in aid of the Lincs Air Ambulance in the next village  and my work partner Nathan was selling stuff, so I tootled off to do my bit. I parked on the side of the road and was on my mobile to Francesca when BANG a woman reversing out if her own drive slammed into the rear offside wing. She did a fine job.

There was no unpleasantness, they know a "man who can", he has a workshop in the village, he came out and a date is set for him to do the necessary.

I returned home and had a restorative cup of tea. Then Francesca and I set off to Lynn to visit the quilt show. We knew the traffic would be bad so took the old road but ran into a tailback, we had KLFM the local radio station on and soon found the reason. There had been a bad accident on the main road and the road was set to be blocked for a considerable time. 
I kid you not I offered up a little prayer of thanks that my accident was so minor.

We had a brainwave and drove into West Lynn and took the ferry.

It is the first time that I have used it but will not be the last, no slogging through the town traffic, no queing up to park and no cost to park. In a few minutes we were getting off the other side of the river and making our way to see all the goodies.

I thought that this was lovely, and close up it is even better.

I am not a lover or purple but I do like this.

I thought that this Suffolk Puff Christmas Tree was cute, I did drop a very large hint to Francesca that she might like to try making one.

We saw lods and i will post more photos during the week. When we left we were gasping so popped in here for a brew and a very testy scone with jam and cream. mmmm

All very tasty looking and the service was very good and so was the price.........Francesca paid!

Thew flower displays were impressive and used a tight colour palette .

We arrived home at about 3.30 and while tea was being made I downloaded all my photos onto the laptop only to find that there was no internet connection, and it was not back when I left for work.

Today I am home from work three hours early, internet is back so this day starts well.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My scrape was just that.

2. My day out was lovely.

3. Bertie is still doing well.

4. I have 6 kilo of prepared mango chunks in the freezer. yum

5. Nathan raised £75 for the Air Ambulance.

I have lots more photos and will post them during the week, I am going to finish my tea and get off to bed.
So it is      TTFN    Pam

Don't forget the Giveaway.


  1. So sorry to hear about your bump, but so glad no-one was hurt.
    Those quilts are lovely and I really love the suffolk puff tree.

    don't know if you would get me on that ferry though as I hate water unless it's in a bath!

    1. The Ferry ride was very short and as smooth as silk.

  2. At least you were unhurt Pam.
    I really like that suffolk puff christmas tree too, very clever!

  3. Gosh PAm, relieved that the bump was no worse, and that it is being sorted. Glad you enjoyed the Samphire Quilt Show, I have worked very hard many a summer to get that show off the ground, at its various venues!
    And your indulgent tea looks sumptuous! Lx

    1. I loved every minute of the show and every crumb of my tea.

  4. Glad your bump was a minor one,it still shakes you up when it happens to you no matter how small.At least you had a lovely quilt show and a day out with Francesca to take your mind off it :)

    1. I was shocked but enjoyed my day out.

  5. A pain about the car bump , I live by the saying , things could have been worse .
    I too like the Christmas tree
    love your fabric give away , I dare not join in I have fabric coming out of the woodwork

    1. At least there is no room for wood worm, you will have to watch out for moths though.


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