Tuesday 16 July 2013

More Quilts and A Reminder

First of all .let me direct you to a new button on my blog, Charm about You, written by Lucy. She is currently working her way through Patchwork Please, a new book from Ayumi Takahashi, It is full of easy peasy but very pretty projects which would work wonderfully with my giveaway,  remember it ends next Friday.

Second on my list, thank you all so much for entering, all your names are in the "Hattish Thingy" and I am hoping to add a few more before the deadline, so if you are reading this and have not entered you are only a few clicks away from all that pretty fabric.

Thirdly, isn't this weather glorious, I can not help crossing my fingers at that because it is Britain and School Holidays are on the horizon. That fact is almost as bad as washing the car and cleaning the windows, you just know that somewhere an Entity is rubbing his hands ( well of course it's a man, DUH! ) and chortling as he instigates an immediate down pour.

I want to share some more Quilts with you from the Samphire Quilters exhibition in Kings Lynn, no particular order just as I spotted them.

I have plans to make two Christmas quilts with some jelly rolls of Flurry by Kate Spain. This is my favourite Christmas collection , so far, and I scored some from the lovely Shan of Shan's Fabrics,Hunstanton, at the exhibition ( I was so chuffed I could have kissed her).
I first saw this block on a Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial with the brilliant Jenny Doan, and have made it a few times.

I can not for the life of me remember what this layout is called but I love "strippy blocks"

This pretty one was laid out over two pews

A very busy pattern but lots of negative space for the eyes to rest upon.

I am a big fan of busy and bright and apart from intensely scrappy projects I like to have place for the eye to rest, otherwise it makes my vision "flicker". I reminds me of ironing black and white fine stripes


This is a happy little quilt and is on my "to do" list. I need to have two extra days a week for this list, and this is my want to do NOT my have to do list.

My final photo for today is the view of the Customs House from the river. It is not leaning and I was not "under the influence" just standing on a very uneven surface on a pair of tired feet.

The bag full of fabric dangling from my arm had absolutely nothing to do with my undeniable list to starboard.

I make no excuses to say yet again, do not forget the GIVEAWAY, you have to be in it to win it.
I would love all my followers to enter regardless as to whether they have won in the past.

On a more mundane note work is still manic and shows no signs of slowing down, I am so thankful that I am only committed to extra shifts for July, I am getting too old to play these games. One of my colleagues said that he was working the same number of days as me but doing 10 to 12 hours. I pointed out to him that at 24 he was less than half my age. I also added that at his age I was doing much the same and running a house at the same time. He left with his tail between his legs.

Dinner tonight is a simple omelette with salad.

I did some baking yesterday, Banana and Walnut Bread, Marmalade and ginger cake and a new batch of bread to use up the last of my Spelt flour. I will be buying this again, it is pricey but I mix it with 2 parts white flour and it gives a nutty taste that is not overpowering.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A new stash of Flurry

2. A stack of homemade goodies in the freezer.

3. Glorious weather.

4. The smell of fresh coffee and hot buttered toast.

5. Bertie snoring gently beside me.

That is all for now, the coffee and toast awaits.        TTFN    Pam


  1. Gorgeous quilts, maybe after another 20 years practice I will be able to produce something so lovely.

    1. I read a comment from an experienced quilter a few weeks ago, she was showing her latest quilt and her machine had been giving her some grief. There was uneven stitching, puckering and some puffy ares, but she loved it with all its faults and was not going to undo a single stitch. As she so rightly said, it was made to be used not hung on a wall and admired.

  2. Pam, you are a big tease! Cake and bread, I am trying to not think about them at the moment!!!

    1. I like to bake and so that we/I do not pig out as soon as it is cold I slice, wrap and freeze. When we want a slice of cake that is what I get out, a slice. The same with my bread, I slice and freeze it in 2 slice packs. There is no waste and no "I better eat that before it goes stale".


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